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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 10 - Chapter 9 [Part 1]

Watch the walkthrough for Chapter 9 in part 10 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Ellie: Isaac, I'm sorry about that. There is so much going on...

Isaac: So Norton, huh? I mean that was quick.

Ellie: The world is ending and all you can think about is us.

Isaac: Damn right! I never gave up on you.

Ellie: Oh, no. You gave up on the world.

Isaac: I paid my dues! Or don't you think I'm fucked up enough already?

Ellie: Isaac, this is do or die! We're stuck without your help! Are you with me?

Isaac: Doesn't look like I have a choice. Perfect! Now what? What? Oh, fuck.

Carver: Isaac, this is Carver. All secure here.

Isaac: How are the others?

Carver: They'll live, I'll meet you at the Admiral's Quarters. Don't leave me waiting.

Isaac: Oh my god.

Carver: Ellie, Carver. We've reached the Admiral's quarters. Isaac's... hey, Isaac!

Isaac: Turn it off.

Ellie: Isaac? Carver, what's going on?

Isaac: Turn it off.

Carver: Isaac! Hey! Hey!

Ellie: What is it? What is going on?

Isaac: Nothing, nothing. Everything's fine, everything's fine. Ellie, the Admiral was obsessed with making a key.

Ellie: A key to what?

Carver: Hey. A key to what?

Isaac: Some sort of alien device machine. I think that she believed that it controlled the markers?

Ellie: Oh my god.

Isaac: She wanted to turn it off. She wrote that over and over again, like a mantra.

Ellie: Or instructions! This is exactly what we've been looking for! This isn't just some random planet Isaac. They found the source, the Marker home world.

Carver: You've got to be shitting me.

Isaac: Marker home world.

Ellie: All right, let's regroup in the control room. We can plan our next move from there.

Carver: Clarke, shake it off, let's go! Clarke!

Isaac: Dammit, Marjorie! I'm risking a lot of brave men and women down on that ice cube. Soldiers that could be fighting the war back home. Now can somebody tell me for the love of god! What the hell we're looking for?

Marjorie: We're looking for hope General.

Isaac: Oh my god in heaven.

Marjorie: Support for the war and our ability to fight it are dwindling. We are out of resources, we are out of public approval and we are out of time.

Isaac: Just answer my question. What are we looking for?

Marjorie: Markers.

Isaac: You must be joking.

Marjorie: NO General, I'm not. I will be sending Doctor Serrano to your quarters to give you a full briefing.

Buckell: Buckell here. We've tracked down a scrapped transport shuttle called the Crozier.

Ellie: If we can get it space worthy again, we can use it to reach the planet's surface.

Robert: No chance. We find this shuttle then we're getting the hell out of here.

Ellie: Damn it Robert,. If we don't stop the Markers, there won't be anything to go back to!

Isaac: Either way, it looks like the shuttle is our only shot. Where is it?

Robert: In the biggest ship of the fleet, the Terra Nova but it's a long walk.

Ellie: Well, they must have had some way to travel between ships.

Robert: Of there's a way, we'll find it.

Man: Good afternoon General. Admiral Graves asked me to prepare this information for you. When the Black Marker was exhumed on the Earth in 2214, it defied our understanding if science. It appeared to generate limitless energy, a trait of obvious importance in our resource strapped times. There was an effort to replicate the Marker, hoping to understand its technology, thereby acquiring limitless energy for ourselves. Imagine our surprise when we learned they are not sources of energy but receivers of it, via carrier wave from somewhere deep in space. Triangulating this Marker Signal, revealed a previously undetected planet...

Ellie: Isaac, there you are.

Isaac: Where is everyone?

Robert: Finding a way off this wreck. Santos tell him what we found.

Santos: Of course! We found a little maintenance craft, a Skip. It doesn't go very fat or very fast, but it will take you to the outermost ships. Here I'm sending you the coordinates.

Robert: Now let's get the shuttle so we can head home already.

Ellie: Robert! We are not going home.

Isaac: Hey, hey! We'll get the shuttle first then decide what to do with it. I'm heading out to take a look at this Skip.

Norton: Isaac, Norton here.

Isaac: Are you contacting me on a private channel?

Norton: Because I need to know if you're on my side.

Isaac: We're taking sides now?

Norton: I know you two had a thing but she's mine now. And I love her too much to let her do this.

Isaac: If she's right and this is the Marker home world, maybe there's a chance of stopping this.

Norton: Look, look, we both know how this is going to end. If they found a way to stop the Markers 200 years ago. Don't you think we'd all be safe by now? It doesn't add up! Oh, I get it. I get it you think you and her... yeah, well forget it. She's over you all right?

Suit Voice: Transmission begin... Papa Sierra.

Isaac: Do you guys here this? My RIG is picking up some kind of looping message.

Santos: It sounds encrypted. It's coming from the research vessel CMS Greely. This could be really important.

Isaac: If I get a chance I'll check into it Santos. Isaac out. I'm inside the Terra Nova. Which way to the shuttle?

Norton: Santos, you found the impound records. What did they say?

Santos: Only that the shuttle was decommissioned, they we're going to part it out.

Robert: Great, so basically nobody knows?

Isaac: Yeah, there must be more detailed shipping records somewhere. I'll take a look around the ship.

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