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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 9 [Part 2]

Watch the walkthrough for Chapter 9 in part 11 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Computer: Warning. Power reserves are on standby. Cargo functions are offline.

Valery: Ship recorder on. All hands stand by for deceleration. Okay, Edwards, on your mark.

Tucker: Roger that, Val.

Valery: You will address me as Commander while we are on the bridge.

Tucker: You got it darlin'. Retro thrusters engaged. Whoa! Easy now.

The Love Boat has arrived. I'd like to thank y'all for flying the Terra Nova. Welcome to the ass-end of the universe.

Valery: Okay, everyone, time to shake the lead out! Sekowski, hail Admiral Graves. Kettle, report to Cradle Ops. This is your show now. Let's deploy the ships. Recording off.

Isaac: Isaac here. It looks like our shuttle's in the aft section of the ship. I'm updating our locators now.

John: Great, just tell me it'll get us to the nearest shipping lane.

Isaac: If we can get it space worthy again. Judging from the diagnostic, it's a real piece of shit.

Ellie: We can get it to work, can't we?

Isaac: We're swimming in a sea of spare parts. I can get it to fly.

John: Yeah, sure. We'll make this work.

Isaac: Wow, an old Scavenger Bot. This will come in handy.

Computer: Warning. Tram collision detected. Please report to Cradle Operations to remove the obstruction.

Isaac: Guys, something's blocking the tram system.

Buckell: Cradle Ops should be nearby. You can see the tracks from there.

Isaac: Thanks, Buckell. I'll check it out.

Tucker: Hey, commander. Are you there?

Valery: If you're gonna ask about the cryo boxes, forget it.

Tucker: Cryo boxes? These are coffins, Dietz! They're freezing soldiers on the planet, and stowing them in our cargo hold! What's the story?

Isaac: Okay, I see the problem now. Someone left a bunch of cargo on the tracks.

Ellie: Can you clear it?

Isaac: I should be able to. I'll get to that shuttle in aft section one way or another.

Computer: Warning. Cargo fault in Bay Four. Containment breach detected. Biological anomalies are present. Please use caution.

Obstruction cleared. Resuming normal tram operations.

Sam: Tucker Edwards, can you come to Cradle Ops, please. I need your help with the incoming cryo boxes. Hey, Tuck? You there?

Tucker: Aw screw off, Sam! My job was flying your asses over here, not wiping 'em once we arrived.

Sam: You're a lazy prick, Tucker. You know that, right?

Tucker: Yeah, I come from a long line of lazy pricks, Sam. Get Sekowski to help you with your little monster farm. That brown noser will do anything to impress the commander.

Sam: This mission is a group effort, Tucker. And one of these days, you're going to have to take one for the team.

Isaac: Hey guys, if you're running low on ammo, don't forget your kinesis module. Here, I found this recording when I was stuck on Titan Station.

Sam: Okay. Whoever sees this, listen up. You can use kinesis to pull blades off dead ones, and shoot back at them. Watch, watch. I stayed alive three hours using this trick.

You see? Just shoot it back at them.

Isaac: Oh, shit! This one's regenerating.

Ellie: How are you going to kill it?

Isaac: I'm not.

Computer: The tram will arrive shortly. Please stand by.

Isaac: God, I hate those things.

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