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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 13 - Chapter 11 [Part 1]

Watch the walkthrough for Chapter 11 in part 13 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Male: Now and repair.

Isaac: I found the Crozier, and it's...well, it's a piece of shit. No way I can pressurize the cabin.

Male: Then we'll have to remote-pilot it back to the repair bay on the Roanoke.

Isaac: Yeah, right. Let me look around. If I can build a remote relay, I can plant it on the hull.

Female Voice: Scan...

Female: Hey, that worked! I can see the Shuttle readouts. Okay, hang on. I'm going to try and start her up.

Isaac: No good. It's out of fuel.

Male: Wait, there should be a refueling station on the upper floor! Here. I'm sending you the coordinates.

Isaac: Okay. I'll head up and refuel the shuttle. We can try restarting it after that. Okay. Tank's full. Try again.

Female: That's more like it! Okay, I'm initiating a test-fire of the shuttle's engine. Take cover! This could get hot. That cheap bloody ancient techno...oh...oh God...ah, Isaac. I think I just started the launch sequence, and I don't know how to stop it!

Isaac: You what?!

Female: Look, just get out of that chamber before it bakes you to a crisp!

Male Voice: Initiating launch protocol. All hands, clear the launch chamber. All hands, clear the launch chamber. Beginning systems check.

Female: The airlock door is stuck! If the shuttle launches before it opens...

Isaac: Son of a bitch! All right, I'll check the gears!

Male Voice: Flight systems nominal. Systems check complete.

Isaac: There's something wedged in the gears! Looks like military ordinance! I'm going to try to clear it!

Female: Explosives?! Oh, God, be careful Isaac! Isaac! The shuttle's going to launch any minute! Hows the door?

Isaac: The gears keep getting jammed! I'm clearing them as fast as I can!

Female: Oh God! It's begun the final countdown! Isaac!

Isaac: I'm almost there! Shit keeps getting caught in the gears!

Female: You did it! He did it!

Everyone: Thank God, Isaac! Yay! That a boy, Isaac!

Female: Okay, everybody. Let's get the docking bay ready to receive the shuttle! Isaac, we'll see you when you get back!

Isaac: So, hows the shuttle look?

Male 2: This thing needs more than plating. It's missing the port engine.

Female: There's a small wreck near the Greely. It could be a shuttle.

Isaac: We should check it out.

Male 2: Rosen! Locke! Suit up! You're on engine duty.

Rosen: But sir, my leg still...

Male 2: I'm not asking you to do jumping jacks! Now get moving!

Isaac: All right. Hey Rosen? I'll meet you there.

Rosen: Whatever.

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