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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 16 - Chapter 12 [No Commentary]

Watch the walkthrough for Chapter 12 in part 16 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Isaac: Buckell.

Buckell: Isaac? Well, I'll be damned.

Isaac: Where is everyone?

Buckell: They headed for a research facility up the ridge. We found snowsuits, but there weren't enough to go around, so I decided to stay behind. There might be more down in the basement.

Isaac: Might be?

Buckell: The elevator's short, and we heard something scratching around down there, so we didn't...we didn't check.

Isaac: Buckell...

Sam: This is private Sam Ackerman, 41st Engineering...told them not to eat the infected. They started changing. Became sensitive to bright light. Just shining my flashlight would send them into a violent rage! I've disabled the elevator to trap them down there. God rest their souls.

Personal log: Sam Ackerman. Three days I've been quiet, hiding in the dark. I have to get to the radio, call for help. I think there may be a way around them. By throwing small objects, I can...I can...I can trick them into investigating the noise.

Male: Ackerman? Is that you?

Sam: Oh God.

Male: I smell you...I smell...fresh meat!

Male 2: Sergeant Cochran, take this security key and head to depot 212. I haven't heard a thing from Sergeant Lumley, not since the Franklin incident last week. I'm sure I do not have to express the importance of the supplies stored there. Find out what happened to Lumley, and more importantly, secure our food and ammunition!

Male 3: Sam! Let us in. We're hungry, Sam!

Sam: Oh God... This is Private Sam Ackerman, is anyone left out there?

Serrano: Sam! It's Doctor Serrano! Listen, you must make your way to Facility One! Do you hear me? Lives depend on it.

Sam: What? Doc? Who's lives?

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