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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Part 3 - Chapter 3 [No Commentary]

Watch the walkthrough for Chapter 3 in part 3 of our Dead Space 3 walkthrough.


Computer: Hello.

Isaac: Shit, Danik just left!

John: There's no other way down?

Isaac: I'll head down on these cables. Just get the elevator working and meet me down there!

John: I'm not an engineer!

Isaac: Try pressing the damn button!!

Computer: Calibrating payload, stand by. Transport will resume momentarily. All hands stand clear. Resuming operations.

John: Isaac, slow down! Getting yourself killed is not going to fix this!

Isaac: Norton was right about one thing: This is a one-way trip! And if I'm going to die on this iceball, I'm taking Danik with me!

John: Die Fucker!!

Isaac: He's at the elevator door! Alert the teams! Keep Danik inside!

Computer: Hello.

Isaac: There! There! On the landing!

John: Got him!

Danik: You are fucking done, Clarke!

Isaac: Get him!

Recorded voice: "Turn it off." We thought it was the answer, but we were deceived. The Moon is the source of the signal...the madness. "Make us whole, Turn it off!" These are it's cries for help, it's call to action, and we are the fools who listened.

John: Goddamit! He's still alive!

Bridge team, he's right by you!

Bridge team member: We see him!

John: They're exploding! Get away!

Where's Clarke! Where's Clarke!

Move, move! He's on the wall above. What the fuck is that!

Shit! What the hell is that?! Look at the size of that thing!

Team member: No, no! Get out of here!

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