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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo - Part 2 [Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 2), the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Vince: This Kingdoms of Amalur Demo play through is recorded with a commentary, if you don't want to hear it check the description for a link to the playlist without it. Just know that the rest of us here will be leveling up without you.

Narrator: From the beginning we were wrong, and only now well into the second decade of the conflict have we begun to understand the mistakes we have made. We lived in harmony among the fae, in a world awakened to new magic. Perhaps we should have forseen what might have been born on this rising tide. What force might awaken, a force powerful enough to twist even the eternal and immuntable fae folk. But Gadflow, the new King of the Winter Court surprised us all. Singular among his people he was all the other fae were not: aggressive, ambitious, visionary. He had power like none we have ever seen, terrible and deadly. Gadflow and his followers, the "Tuatha Deohn" believed that a new god was set to be born in the East beneath Gadflow's crystalline fortress of Amethyn. In the name of that god, they marched to war against the young races of Amalur. Against a mortal army, no matter the power of their god, we might have been victorious. But the fae are creatures of magic, not bound by the laws of life and death. Each Tuatha fallen on the battlefield would soon rise again, fro the fae do not know death as we do. How could we stand against such a force? For ten years the war raged. For ten years the armies of men and Alfar fought and died. But as our numbers dwindled, we knew that it was only a matter of time. Our fate had been written. At least that is what we believed. Until you died.

Man: What do you think this one is then? Alfar? Varani? Could even be a Jottun!
Always a surprise, eh Guran?

Guran: Eyes on the job, boy. Don't matter what it is. Dead's dead, and be thankful for that. All we've seen. Go on and pull that sheet though, it will need to be in our report one way or the other.

Vince: Good morning internet, my name is Vince and I am one of the former heirs on the diamond backs here in Sector 7G of the Howcast Offices. Today we're going to be looking at, "The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning," the demo of it and we've got a race select feature which is common in RPGs. By the way, this game is an action game and it's an RPG, but it's not exactly an action RPG, which you'll see in a minute. We've got a lot of fantasy sounding words here. It looks like mostly two kinds of humans and two kind of elf though. These races, each race has a different set of patrons that you can pick and each of those gives a different bonus. I'll just scan through those quickly here. And you can pause that at any point if you'd like to take a closer look, but I think I will go with one that has the health bonus because we're going to be dealing with mostly the low level stuff here. There are several presets for each race for how you want to look. Once you get into it you can also just hit the randomize button, which is what I will do. There you go. Strapping looking fellow.

Man: A human, and not in bad shape. Almain, by the look of him. Know how you can tell? Turn him over. See if there's as stick in his arse.

Vince: All right we're starting with the fantasy racism pretty early.

Guran: You know he'll want all the details.

Man: Amazing how well the body held up. Better than I've seen.

Guran: I'm just glad it's not moving. Must have been born under a lucky star, this one.

Man: Anything else we need?

Guran: Unless you'd like to name him, I think we're done. Put him with the others.

Vince: Oh, I see what they did there. Now we get to name him.

Man: Well, that's it for you then. Better luck next time.

Vince: Oh, fun. We're alive! This controllable? Nope. Okay well we are dropped right into it here. Out of the darkness we go. This looks appropriately dungeony. Disposal notes. So this is the latest project from Ken Rolston, who was previously lead design on, "Morrowind" and "Oblivion" and you can tell because there's lots of things to pick up and read. Let's loot this skeleton. Hey he's got gold on him. So, as you can see we've got the third person view here and we're moving around. Sorry guy. I didn't do that. I'm playing on the PS3, I'm hitting circle to roll around. It looks like holding down X is to sprint. You got a rusty long sword. All right that's an appropriately RPG thing to start with. Can equip that. Now let's see what we can use it on. Oh! Maybe these guys. Oh giant rats, awesome. So we've got a God of War like combat system here.

Guran: Help! Anybody!

Vince: Coming!

Guran: You! Up there! Please help me!

Vince: And we can jump down only in selected areas. Yeah, that's right there doesn't seem to be a jump button. We're not really too deep into the... Dodge, dodge! I'm not too deep into the game here so my main strategy is hammer on the attack button. All right, that worked. It's got some old boots. Going under armor this time and equipping those. All right critical hit damage, I like that.

Guran: Oh, thank you! Thank you! Why, if you hadn't come along . Wait, I've seen you before. On the slab! You, you were dead!

Vince: I got better.

Guran: It worked! By the Tome, it worked! You're alive!

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