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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo - Part 2 [No Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 2), the action RPG from 38 Studios & Big Huge Games.


Man 1: By the tome it worked. You're alive! Well, you died. I don't know how or even when, but your body was remade in the Well of Souls and somehow, it worked! The well restored your soul to your body and it worked! We must get you to Professor Hugues right away. He'll have questions for you.

You don't know? Perhaps the process damaged your memory. They are the Tuatha Deohn, the enemies of all the young races. We've never seen them this far inland, not even during the invasion. I don't know why they are here. Hugues may have the answer to that as well. You must stay alive and reach him.

No doubt, but we must get to Hugues. He'll be in his study on the ground floor. The Tuatha are coming in through the lower levels. If we hurry, we should be able to beat them to the top. Take these, they'll help you keep safe long enough to get to Hugues. Now, let's get going.

The Well of Souls is just ahead, you'll see. And it works, it restored you to life. There will be plenty of time to explain later. We've got to get going. He'll be in his study on the ground floor of the tower. At least, I hope he's there and safe. Let me get this door, and we can be on... right this way. You go first.

This is what they're after, our greatest invention the Well of Souls. Imagine an end to war, an end to death. Wait! Do you hear something? More Tuatha!

Tuatha Soldier: Enjoy the pain mortal. I'm going to gut you.

Man 1: You're going to need more than just that sword. That one had a now, get it! Archers up ahead, best shoot them before they see us.

Tuatha Soldier: A mortal, deal with it.

Man 1: Daggers are deadly if you catch an enemy unaware. Their speed more than makes up for their size. More up ahead. If you can sneak up on them with your daggers you should be able to finish them quickly and quietly.

Tuatha Soldier: A mistake of the Gods easily corrected. Look at the mortal vermin scatter.

Man 1: Cave blossoms only respond in the presence of magic. Perhaps there's more to you than it seems? Incredible! What are you?

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