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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo - Part 3 [Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 3), the action RPG from 38 Studios & Big Huge Games.


Encel: By the Tome it worked! You're alive!

Player: Hey, dialogue wheel and it looks like the Eye of Sauron. Ah, what happened?

Encel: Well... you died. I don't know how or even where. But your body was remade in the Well of Souls and somehow it worked! The well restored your soul to your body and it worked! We must get you to professor Hugues right away. He'll have questions for you!

Player: I'm guessing that the one to the left is more information.

Encel: Oh, my. You don't know? Perhaps the process damaged your memory. They are the Tuatha Deohn, the enemies of all the young races. We've never seen them this far inland, not even during the invasion! I don't know why they are here. Hugues may have the answer to that as well. You must stay alive and reach him!

Player: Okay, so sort of Mass Effect inspired them. I assume one of these is more renegade.

Encel: No doubt, But we must get to Hugues. He'll be in his study on the ground floor. The Tuatha are coming in through the lower levels. If we hurry, we should be able to beat them to the top. Take these. They'll help keep you safe long enough to get to Hugues. Now, let's get going!

Player: We have received some minor healing potions and now we've got a dialogue list, instead of a wheel. Sort of odd.

Encel: The Well of Souls is just ahead. You'll see! And... and it works! It restored you to life! There will be plenty of time to explain later, we've got to get going!

Player: What is this Heart looking thing to the right?

Encel: He'll be in his study on the ground floor of the tower. At least... I hope he's there and safe.

Player: Okay.

Encel: Let me get this door, and we can be on our way. Right this way. You go first.

Player: Give me some Rupees. No, nothing. Oh, there's gold in there, okay. So we got a little pinch of Zelda in here too. Like I died, I crawled up backward. That's not nice. Battered Armor, so from this menu we can directly compare and you can equip it. And off we go. Fantasy explosive charges there. Is this acid? It's going to hurt me when I... Okay, just gross water. The water rumbling, something bad is probably happening. One thing I can sense already is that with the sprint button being the same as the talk button will probably going to run into some issues with accidentally activating an item or talking to someone when we need to run. Such as right now. Okay, I'll get some weapons. Sure it's better than nothing.

Encel: Wait, do you hear something?

Player: What?

Encel: More Tuatha!

Player: Men, they just lay on those fantasy terms real fast. Okay, so we're holding L1 to Block. Seems to be a little bit of auto block on there. Block! Okay, it takes a little time to get that shield up.

Tuatha Soldier: I'm going to cut you.

Player: I think the best defense is good offense.

Encel: You're going to need more than just that sword. That one hand bow! Get it!

Player: Which one? Oh, the one I didn't fight. Okay. All right, secondary weapon. I guess it's under Weapons oh, there it is. Nope, Square is still the sword.

Encel: Archers up ahead. Best shoot them before they see us!

Player: Okay, Triangle secondary weapon. Looks like I don't have to aim, just little bit of auto-lock on there. And something's glowing when you hold it down, so I assume that's stronger.

Encel: It's open. Go, go!

Player: Don't have to worry about ammo. Since it'll refill automatically, that's kind of nice. Ah-ha! Lockpicks. So showing a lot of it's a Elder Scrolls heritage here.

Tuatha Soldier: A mortal! Deal with it.

Player: I assume they'll be some things to lockpick later.

Tuatha Soldier: Meet your doom, mortal!

Player: Sure.

Encel: Daggers are deadly if you catch an enemy unaware. Their speed more than makes up for their size.

Player: Hmm... Daggers ha? Let's give this a shot. Got some interesting animations there.

Encel: More up ahead. If you can sneak up on them with your daggers, you should be able to finish them quickly and quietly.

Player: How do I sneak? Okay, Okay, clicking in the Right Stick is look, clicking in the Left Stick doesn't seem to do anything. R2 is for stealth mode and you've got an Eye that indicates our stealth presence awareness. So this is all going to look really familiar to anyone who's played an Elder Scrolls games. That's pretty aw! That'll do it. I wonder if I make more noise in this armor, I assume so.

Tuatha Soldier: Pathetic creatures. A mistake of the gods. Easily corrected.

Player: I'll double take down these guys.

Tuatha Soldier: Look at the mortal vermin scatter. And time does seem to stop when we're looting here. A little bit of a Frame rate hitch when it transitions out of that. Loot takes a second to come in. Anyone down there? Nope. Moving on.

Encel: Cave Blossoms only respond in the presence of magic. Perhaps there's more to you than it seems?

Player: All right, so we've got an ability wheel over here. Storm bolt.

Encel: Incredible...

Player: Lightning bolt.

Encel: What are you?

Player: Lightning bolt, lightning bolt. Takes a lot of Mana. These are sort of residue, seems like that's more of a frost thing than lightning. Maybe it's cold storm. Hey! Giant spider, what game would be complete without it. Can I... I can't jump huh? As you see there, D Pad to the right will access your Mana potions but I think I'm going to focus mainly on the bow and daggers for now so, no need. Those are worse, I will add it to junk. Hey! Giant spiders.

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