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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo - Part 3 [No Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 3), the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Encel: They've completely covered the tunnel! Maybe you can use that staff to burn a path through? No more spiders! Burn them, burn them!

Encel: I bet you're still groggy, but just keep moving. Move, move! Hurry! Get out of here! Come on, there's no time to waste! I'll see you on the outside, if fate wills it.

Claude: Die, Tuatha bastard, wait! You're not one of them! Encel! you're alive and who is this?

Encel: That's what I intend to find out. He came out of the Well!

Claude: What? Then he'd better get inside to see the old man. Quick,before those Tuatha make another push!

Encel: This is where we part ways, but take whatever you want from this armor, we might have a few things that would fit you. Just make sure you get to Hugues! We can hold off the Tuatha here. I suppose these might be able to help. If the Tuatha realize what you are, you'll need them. We can't risk you getting killed. You're proof that the Well can work! Don't you realize what that means? Just keep going past the top of the Well. Hugues will be there in his study. I'll see you on the outside, if fate wills it.

Praetorian: A lot of good Gnomes died today. You'd better be worthy it.

Claude: The scholars are soft. The Tuatha will find my Praetorians are a tougher breed!

Encel: Ah, plate armor. Nothing protects quite like layers of impervious metal. Leather armor is then, but will give you the speed to reach an enemy's throat. Simple cloth frees your body and mind. That's why mages prefer it!

Praetorian: You come out of the well and the Tuatha show up? That can't be a coincidence.

Fomorous Hugues: You've made it! And look at you! Even with all you've been through... the Tuatha, your return from the dead... Please forgive me. You must be terribly confused by all of this. I am Fomorous Hugues, and this is my laboratory at Allestar. Everything you see here is dedicated to one thing, the Well of Souls. The pursuit of immortality! And you... you're my first success! If we only had the time! There's so much we might learn from one another. Too much to explain right now. The Tuatha have come to stop my work, but I don't believe they know about you. Not yet.

What's important is getting you out of here safely. You're the only proof of what we've achieved here. I may not be able to save the Well, but I can ensure that its only success is safe. Of course you do. Please, though we must hurry. Good, good. We can't waste time! We're in the Faelands, miles away from the front lines. I thought we were safe enough from the war. But it seems some of the Tuatha found their way here anyway. Absolutely not! I've got my notes, but it's most important that you stay safe. It's just that you... you're... Fascinating! Simply astounding. I'm not certain what's caused it, but somehow... Yes, as I was saying. I'm not sure what... Perhaps I should go see...

Praetorian: Sire, sire! Mister Hugues! The Tuatha reached the lab! They're inside the--

Fomorous Hugues: No! We've got to get you out of here now. Quickly! Follow the path to the town of Gorhart. Find Agarth. He's a friend, and he may be able to help. No matter what else, stay alive. Go! Go!

Tuatha Soldier 1: Tirnoch desires your death.

Tuatha Soldier 2: Get moving you brute! Tear this tower apart!

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