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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo - Part 4 [No Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 4), the action RPG from 38 Studios & Big Huge Games.


Remy Kallas: Another survivor? But I've never seen you in the tower. Were you one of the professor's assistants in the downstairs projects? Did he escape with you?

That sounds like him. Professor Hugues was very thoughtful. I mean "is." He is very thoughtful. I'm sure he found a way to get out. He must have.

We should be safe here. At least a little...

Claude Ganne: I saw you fight in there. We could have used more of you. Did they really have a troll?

I don't know how the Tuatha found us but if they had a troll, it couldn't have been an accident. Fate was kind to collapse that doorway behind you, or they would have chased us into the glade. Good luck out there.

Agarth: You've come from the tower, haven't you? Name's Agarth. Maybe you can help an old Fateweaver, eh?

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