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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo Walkthrough - Part 1 [Commentary] [HD]

Check out this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Part 1), the action RPG from 38 Studios & Big Huge Games.


Player: There's another exclamation point. I guess the wolves aren't friendly eventhough I help nobody. Wow, bleeding quite a bit there. Yup, so I was intentionally not killing there and I can go to reckoning mode now. So it does appear that you have unlimited ressurects that... oh, they died. Well, that was a waste.

Looks like you can cancel it by holding L1 and R1 again though.

Alyn Shir: Interesting, you're not at all what I expected to find here. Oh, is that the name of this Fateweaver? No, the Tuatha I was following killed him. I was hoping his corpes would give me an idea of why they were here. Now I know. They were hoping to find you. Knowing you, you're definitely involved, but something tells me I know you better than you knew yourself.

Don't you remember me? I'm hurt. No time for introductions now. The Tuatha are still on the move. I'm certain that we'll see one another again, soon. Be on your way.

Player: Wow! Okay, an amnesiac hero. How original.

Agarth: Arden's dead. How did this happen? If so, then I sure didn't see her. I was hoping to avoid this, but I think I'm going to have to take you to Dellach. It's a sacred place to we Fateweavers. Somewhere that I was hoping to avoid.

I was hoping Arden could take you, but I guess it comes down to me. No reason getting anyone else killed over it. Go, I'll meet you there once I give Arden a proper funeral. This is twice now I've buried the bodies left in your wake.

Player: Looks like we've come up against our limitation of the demo here. So that's a good little taste of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Catch the full action RPG experience from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games on February 7th 2012.

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