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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 12 - Paradox Alpha [HD]

Vince discovers he's a VIP in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Gadot: We gotta handle this mess!

Male voice: All right, we're going to defeat all of the hostiles. I'm gonna skip this tutorial, also. I have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Well, I hit Right bumper by accident, there. But that's if you're looking for monster information, that's the way to go for that. All right, that one's staggered. So, we're gonna lay on the damage. Let's go with "Slash & Burn". You can see the staggered enemy appear in gold, on the list of enemies there. You're gonna want to lay on the damage while they're staggered. This little one, I'll probably save for last. Because he's not doing a whole lot. Now my health's getting a little low. We don't have a medic. Guess I'll use a potion. Okay. Any more hostiles? Yeah, plenty.

Gadot: This is the real thing, boys and girls!

Male voice: The pseudo-military talk just feels like such a disconnect here. Cuz we've got all these cutesy designs and they're just like "Yeah, get some! This is the real thing! Let's go!". Three stars, once again. What's a guy gotta do to get a fourth star?

Man 2: How do you like that?

Male voice: All right, let's go after this big guy first. Staggered. All right, now I'll switch back to Double Commando and hopefully Serah can take him out, while Noel cleans up the rest of the trash here. Oh wow, that Stagger gauge went down real fast. Okay, that was a tactical miscalculation. Live and learn. Come on, three stars? That was over a minute under that time.

Woman: All right, let's do this!

Gadot: Serah, you okay?

Male voice: Now I'm just gonna focus on the big guy, and we'll let Noel take care of the little ones. You'll notice, we are only controlling the party leader in combat. I believe, later on, there's a way to switch who the leader is. But for now, we're just worrying about Serah. Well, the music dropped out. So, I guess that's all of them.

Maqui: Hey Serah, are you okay?

Serah: Yeah.

Yuj: Maqui!

Maqui: Yeah. Gotta go!

Serah: Okay.

Gadot: All right, everyone, listen up. The meteorite hit over there.

Yuj: Right.

Gadot: We're gonna check it out.

Yuj: Team Yuj, ready to roll.

Maqui: And careful. That area's crawling with monsters.

Gadot: So stay close. Come on.

Yuj: Okay. You heard him. Move out!

Maqui: With you!

Serah: You're okay.

Noel: She took a hit, but she's gonna be fine. She just needs some rest.

Serah: Thank goodness. And thank you. Whoever you are.

Noel: Noel. Noel Kreiss.

Serah: Okay.

Noel: And before I wasn't just me. You should probably thank this little guy, too.

Male voice: That's the transforming noise, if you didn't catch that.

Serah: Wow. Is that a toy moogle?

Noel: He's supposed to be your lucky charm. Your sister gave him to me.

Serah: Wait, you know Lightning!?

Noel: She's the one who told me to come here.

Serah: Where? Where did you see her? Was it...Valhalla?

Noel: Yeah. How'd you guess?

Serah: I saw it in a dream. I saw my sister. She gave you the moogle. Then the meteorite came...

Noel: ...and dragged me along with it. I guess.

Serah: Do you mean, you actually rode here on that meteorite?

Noel: Maybe, I don't know. Damned if I can remember. Why don't we go and check it out?

Serah: Okay. Now I know for sure, Lightning is alive. She's in a place called Valhalla. I'd only just met Noel, but I believed him. I believed every word he said.

Male voice: That's prob...I feel like that's a bad lesson to be teaching our kids.

Serah: Even though it couldn't possibly be true.

Male voice: Like, remember, if a stranger comes up to you and says "Come with me", just...

Serah: It seems like only yesterday.

Male voice: Blindly follow them, I guess.

Serah: The smile on Lightning's face...

Male voice: You can see the treasure Pokeballs floating there.

Serah: when she gave her blessing for Snow and me to get married.

Male voice: Bouncing around.

Serah: But I'm the only one who ever remember that. No one believes. It's just a dream, they say, from when I slept in the crystal. An illusion. They say my sister is gone. That three years ago, she sacrificed herself to stop the fall of Cocoon. She turned into the crystal pillar that holds Cocoon above the surface of Pulse, and saved both worlds. That's what they say. But even so...

Male voice: All right, let's go.

Serah: Noel, is that all you're going to tell me, your name? Like, who are you? What do you do?

Male voice: What do you do?

Noel: I'm a hunter.

Serah: I feel like an interrogator. Do you mind me asking?

Male voice: Are we going to play ice breaker games now?

Noel: Shoot.

Male voice: Jumpity jump.

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