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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 17 - Temporal Rift [HD]

Vince finds the ghast fragment and solves the puzzles of the labyrinth in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Snow: When I come back, it'll will be with Lightning. Then there's no way she can say no to us getting married.

Serah: Okay.

Snow: Okay.

Serah: And that was the last time I saw Snow. The memories I had of Lightning, standing on the plain beneath Cocoon, he was the only one who believed. Believed them enough to do something. That's why I've been waiting here.

Noel: And doing nothing, right? Lightning and Snow are long gone but you still sit here and wait. Why didn't you go after them?

Serah: I have faith in Snow. He is a hero, after all.

Noel: And has that faith been enough? Neither of you want to be apart yet here you are alone.

Serah: Don't you think I know that?

Noel: Sorry, I should't have said that. But you tell me, what good is a hero if he's never around?

Serah: It wasn't the artefact after all. Kupo, it's not his fault. Come on, let's head back.

Noel: No artefact yet, huh?

Serah: No. Instead my things are showing up in places they shouldn't be.

Noel: I wonder if someone's trying to mess with us.

Serah: I doubt it. No one here would do something like that.

Noel: I guess not. Unless they think they're doing the right thing.

Serah: It might not be a person at all. I mean, with time and space being warped everywhere, anything could happen really.

Noel: Right. And that's how your things ended up out here? It's not a bad theory. Okay, so maybe we should ask if anyone else is missing stuff.

Serah: Let's head to the house and find out.

Lebreau: You know, I was thinking, if Noel here really is from the future, he must be pretty curious about this time period.

Serah: That's true. We should probably explain a few things.

Noel: I'm all ears.

Lebreau: We were all born and raised on Cocoon. But three years ago, our home basically fell out of the sky. We couldn't rely on broken Fal'cie anymore, so most of us made the decision to move to Pulse.

Noel: Weren't there millions of people living on Cocoon? It must have been pretty cramped.

Lebreau: Well, it was. But on Pulse, we had to deal with new hardships like vicious monsters and a lack of provisions.

Noel: Sounds like a rough time.

Lebreau: Yeah. But eventually things settled down and some former military types helped us get things organized. Now there's a growing town at the base of Cocoon's pillar. The guys who used to be in charge are long gone.

Noel: How did you end up in this place then?

Lebreau: Our leader, Snow, suggested we live somewhere near the ocean. We used to live in a seaside town on Cocoon, so it was like we were rebuilding our home. Snow and the rest of us were used to fighting monsters and getting our hands dirty. So we pretty much settled back into our old way of life.

Serah: Snow's not around right now, so we do the best we can. But if Lighting were back, everything would be so much better.

Noel: So for everyone here your sister being gone is the reality. Odd.

Serah: That mirror. It was never there before.

Noel: Hey, check it out.

Serah: Wait. Okay, what is that?

Kupo: Kupo kupo

Serah: How did that happen?

Noel: It's a twist in time. Something that doesn't belong. I think this is an artefact.

Serah: We found an artefact, just as Noel said we would. Does this mean everything else he said is true? Did he really meet Lightning in Valhalla? Maybe? Once I step through the gate, I'll be leaving my friends, my students and the village for who knows how long. Can you tell me, Lightning? Do I dare believe this man?

Noel: Okay. Now we just have to head for the gate.

Serah: I don't get it? What was that artefact doing in the mirror?

Noel: Well, the mirror must have belonged to someone else in the past or the future. Wherever it came from, it didn't belong here.

Lebreau: If you ever need a good meal, you just come on back here. There's a NORA special with your name on it.

Serah: Thank you, Lebreau.

Noel: I'm going to take this artefact and open that gate. But you still don't trust me, do you? I can see it in your eyes. If there's anything you're wondering about or don't believe just ask and I'll try to explain.

Serah: There is one thing. What is it you want, exactly?

Noel: A future that has people in it. I lived at the end of days. I was the very last child to be born. As I grew up, everyone I knew died, one by one. Until eventually, it was just me. All their dreams fell on my shoulders. I was their last hope. It was too much so I left. Sure, maybe I couldn't go home again. Maybe I couldn't make everyone happy but at the very least, I could rebuild a future where everyone could survive. So I went through the gate. I wasn't thinking very clearly then. I had a dream but I didn't think it all out. I didn't know what it really meant. But once I got here and saw how you and your friends live in this village, I knew my dream could come true. In Valhalla, your sister gave me a chance. She gave me hope. The future can be changed. That's what she told me and I believe her.

Serah: I understand. Thank you, Noel. Thank you for telling me that.

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