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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 4 - New Bodhum 003 AF [HD]

Vince plays icebreaker games with Noel in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Commentator: Let's see what's going on in 3AF

Gadot: Hey, guys! You're back. Not that you've been away that long. A few hours ago, right? That's when we saw you off, but look at you now. You've changed somehow. Like you've gone through a lot in a short time. So Noel was tellin' the truth about time travel and all that jazz. Don't tell the townsfolk about it, though. Who knows how they'll react? You gotta be tired. Go home, get some rest.

Commentator: Huh, Well, I guess that's their way of dealing with time travel paradox.

Noel: It's really scary out here at night. From sunrise to sunset, it's a hard job.

Serah: This is insane!

Commentator: Oh, what have we got here? Med kit. Oh, someone was looking for that, weren't they?

Noel: I'm so glad Spot's okay!

Commentator: Hey, found something for you.

Nell: Yes, yes, that's it! You found my kit! I've been using this kit since I lived on Cocoon. Couldn't believe I'd lost it! It's funny how you get attached to these things. I'm sorry it's not much of a reward, but here. Ever seen a rock like this? I found it just over there. Do me a favor, and try not to get yourselves hurt. I've got enough patients already. There aren't many people who like to play nurse around here.

Commentator: I have no idea what that does, but I guess we'll go back to the gate now, because we're done here.

Kupo: Can you feel that, Kupoli?

Kupoli: Something feels different, Kupo.

Commentator: Hm. Found the treasure, or are you just telling me to talk to her? Hm.

Alyssa: You'll need an ID to travel any further into the ruins. Here, take this communicator, and keep it with you at all times.

Noel: So I'm curious. Just why are you helping us, anyway?

Alyssa: I saw you two. I saw how you got here through that thing

Noel: What, you mean through the gate?

Alyssa: Yes, it is a kind of gate. It links to another world, doesn't it?

Kupoli: Kupo.

Alyssa: Nice to finally have some clue what these things are for.

Noel: So basically, helping us out was almost like part of your research. But you still have questions.

Alyssa: I do have questions, yes. About the gate, and about the paradox.

Noel: But with Atlas throwing his weight around, the ruins will be closed off, and there goes the chance to get your answers.

Serah: Noel.

Kupoli: Kupopo.

Noel: No problem. We'll take care of that giant for you.

Alyssa: You will? Great!

Commentator: Huh. So this is telling us about the different kinds of gates. Looks like that area to the left is locked off, so we'll head back toward the exclamation point. But first some exploring. Hey, a black belt.

Researcher: You show interest in the ruins. Are you a student?

Serah: Well, I was supposed to go to the capital's university.

Researcher: And because of what happened to Cocoon, you gave up your studies? I'm sorry that happened.

Serah: It's all right. Things turned out well.

Commentator: Gee, I wish I could spin the camera around, and actually look at the conversation there. Money!

Girl: So the monsters are the least of our problems.

Boy: Have you given any thought to joining our team?

Commentator: More money. All right! That's the gate.

Boy: This is my first time on site, but I can't.This is...I'm scared.I'm so scared! The soldiers scare me! The Academy staff scares me! Why are there so many people?

Commentator: Don't know what that's used for. I guess leaving through a gate. The mind boggles.

Guard: Five years ago, the Sanctum ordered the Purge, and drove people out of their homes. A lot of them escaped, and fled. They hid in these ruins, hoping to survive.

Commentator: I don't know what the Purge is, but that's a pretty sinister name.

Serah: Why did you offer to stop the giant?

Noel: Because we can't let Atlas shut this place down. We need to search the ruins. There might be other gates we can use.

Commentator: Anything back her?

Serah: Like the gate to Valhalla?

Noel: Exactly. And how can I take you to Lightning without those handy-dandy portals?

Serah: Right. We'll do it your way.

Commentator: Right. Now you're thinking with portals. Oop! Fighty things! Ah! He's healing.

Noel: Here!

Commentator: Get in. Hope we can take this thing out, before he kills Noel. Hey, a crystal.

Serah: What? The monster turned into crystal!

Mog: Servant of time. Daughter of chaos. Unto the world unseen, the untamed you guide.

Noel: Huh. Whaddya know? It talks.

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