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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 7 - Lightning's Knife [HD]

Vince resolves to grow an afro for his baby chocobo in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Serah: It's another gate. Are these all linked to different time periods?

Noel: If that's true, the timelines must be pretty tangled. Alyssa, when did these portals first appear?

Alyssa: Well, no one can say for sure. It's like they'd always been there and one day we finally noticed.

Noel: So they took everyone by surprise. Either that or someone's been hiding them.

Serah: What are these gates anyway? They look like some sort of device. The design seems too deliberate to be natural.

Alyssa: That's one of our theories. Like maybe there's a Fal'cie we don't know about who built these gates as a way to invade Cocoon.

Guard: Came all the way out here on your own, huh? You two must be stronger than you look.

Serah: He's the strong one, not me.

Guard: You trust your partner. That's important.

Serah: If a gate leads to another reality, does that mean there's another "me" somewhere in that world? I think about it sometimes, I mean, maybe I don't really exist and I'm just a character in the 'real' me's dream. Go! Go! Go!

Noel: Too easy. It's Atlas!

Alyssa: We've detected a large energy surge at the center of the ruins. Another unknown device has appeared.

Serah: Did the device appear along with Atlas? If Atlas is a weapon built by humans, they must have designed a way to stop it.

Noel: And that machine showing up is no coincidence.

Serah: Right!

Noel: Two choices. We try that new device and hope it controls Atlas or do it the old-fashioned way and fight him head on. No regrets, no looking back.

Serah: Alyssa, what do you think?

Alyssa: Even the army is having a hard time with Atlas. If you want to take him on, be my guest.

Chester: They say Cie'th was seen in the tunnels further in. Did you spot anything yet?

Chocolina: Have you seen that big ol' giant? Where'd he come from? Someone sure wasted their time and hard-earned money making something that big. I don't like seeing materials go to waste like that but hey, what can I do? I can open up my shop. That's what I can do! You know I'm counting on you. Everyone is!

Serah: Come on, Mog.

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