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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 9 - Giant's Artefact [HD]

Vince checks himself out in a mirror in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Serah: There he is!

Noel: And not looking too happy. So how did we do?

Serah: We did it! Noel!

Noel: I'm on it. Hey!

Serah: What the...?

Noel: How did we get here?

Serah: Noel, look out!

Noel: Move!

Serah: I think I found his weak spot! Ready!

Noel: Do it!

Serah: Wait for it!

Noel: Now! Whoa, now what?!

Serah: The paradox is dissipating! I wonder what caused the paradox effect.

Noel: This is just a theory but I think there might be someone out there derailing history and bending the timeline. That's why Atlas and these gates are appearing out of nowhere.

Serah: Could this 'someone' be responsible for Lightning disappearing?

Noel: Could be. You remember your sister coming home, right? You have memories from before everything got twisted.

Serah: But why only me?

Noel: That's the question. We'll keep looking for an answer. Alyssa, we took Atlas down. That place you were looking for is right in front of us.

Alyssa: That's great news! I'm on my way!

Noel: There's an epitaph. 'Here lie the innocent victims of chance, cast out and cast down. May their souls find the path that leads them home.'

Serah: Cast out. These must be victims of the Purge.

Alyssa: This is it! This is the place! I thought it might be, but that's not my name.

Serah: Then who's is it?

Alyssa: It's my friend's. She died here, running from the Purge. And me? I'm one of those who survived. Five years ago, the entire town of Bodhum, it was wiped out by the army. I was there, visiting my friend. Then everything went to hell. We ran and hid with the other fugitives. But just as the troops were pulling out, that's when the ceiling of our hiding place collapsed. Ever since then I've had the same dream. I'm trapped under rubble. It's dark, I'm in pain and I can barely breath. The next thing I know I rise out of my body and I'm standing before this grave. And the name written on the stone, it's mine. After seeing that image so many times, I started to think that maybe I did die back then. And the life I'm living now is just an illusion.

Serah: Alyssa. You feel that way too?

Noel: Well, you seem real to me.

Alyssa: Real enough, I guess. Even if they all forget, I never will.

Serah: And neither will I. I can never forget. The events that scarred Alyssa were started by I'Cie. If I had never become a l'Cie. If I had never made those mistakes. Then the Purge, well, it may never have happened. Lightning, is there any way to make up for the suffering we've caused? Can we ever give back what we've taken?

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