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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough Part 13 - Recipe for Disaster [Commentary / HD]

Check out this Skyrim Dark Brotherhood walkthrough. Part 13: Recipe for Disaster.


Player: What's up, Festus?

Festus: There you are. Took your sweet time dealing with Cicero, eh? Now let's get down to business. Astrid told you about the Gourmet, I hope? Quite so. But first you'll need to learn who he is. Assuming, of course, that the Gourmet actually is a he. Could be a woman for all we know. Ah, indeed I do. Indeed I do. In my investigations, I came upon this. It's a copy of the Gourmet's cookbook. But not just any copy, it's signed you see. Seems to be a message from the Gourmet to one Anton Virane. I've tracked Virane to the keep in Markarth. It would seem he's the cook. I believe so. Therefore, you are to obtain that information from Virane who the Gourmet really is and where he can be found. Oh, and when you're done with Virane, kill him. Loose ends and all that. Next, you'll have to... Are you still paying attention?

Player: Yeah.

Festus: As I was saying, you'll need to kill the Gourmet, of course. But what's more, you'll need to get his Writ of Passage so you can take his place. Oh, and if you can, hide his body. The longer it takes for anyone else to determine his real identity, the better. Now off with you.

Player: We're going to Markarth to kill a dude.

Festus: Remember, the Markarth Keep.

Player: Yes. I heard you the first time. Geez. Markarth, kill dude, got it.

Tyrantus: How did you do that?

Player: It's a secret. We are headed to Understone Keep which is over here. And we want to head to Understone Keep at night so we're going to wait until late at night. Let's go have a little chat with Anton Virane. He's up these stairs and to the left, pass the dogs. What's up dog? I got some witnesses here. Let's wait a little longer. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. All right. You have a door here? No. It's fine. It's fine.

Anton: Yes, yes, for the hundredth time, I am a Breton. I was born in High Rock and then I come here. I am not a Reachman.

Player: What?

Anton: Who are you? What do you want?

Player: Information.

Anton: The Gourmet? Never. I don't know what led you here but nothing will betray my trust. I'll take the secret of the Gourmet's identity to my grave.

Player: Yes, Anton. You will.

Anton: The Dark Brotherhood? Now, now wait a minute. Let's not get hasty. I mean surely my friend wouldn't want me to endager my own life, right? Look, his name is Balagog gro-Nolob. He's an Orc. The Gourmet's an Orc. He's staying at the Nightgate Inn. That's all I know. Now, now you'll let me go, right?

Player: Yes, of course.

Anton: Okay. All right. Wonderful. You're welcome. I'll just be on my way then.

Player: Oh, you'll be on your way all right. On your way to hell. Oh, chef's hat. I mean if we're going to be impersonating a chef we might as well look the part, right? Now I've got to go to the Nightgate Inn and kill Balagog, a.k.a. the Gourmet. And that is pretty close to Raldbthar where we've been earlier. Here we are at the Nightgate Inn. Once again we will strike in the middle of the night. Looks like he's in the basement. Excuse me, cellar. Let's get our swords out here. I don't think there's anyone else down here. So, yes, go to sleep. Good night, Balagog. [foreign language] We're going to take that Writ of Passage. And if you hold down X you can drag him and we'll find a place to drag his body and hide it down here. That works. X again, now let go of him. And we are out of here.

Festus: So, the prodigal murdered returns. And the Gourmet? So I gathered. It seems a certain Orc has disappeared, which means you not only killed the Gourmet but disposed of the body as well. You've got the Writ of Passage too, I see. Splendid, splendid.

Player: And the hat.

Festus: Ah, and word has come in from Markarth that the keep's cook has met an untimely demise. You performed your duties to the letter. I was wrong about you. I see that now, maybe we all were. Here's your payment, and a little something else as well from me. Consider it my way of apologizing for being so damned curmudgeonly. It's called the Nightweaver's Band. I wore this for years. I want you to have it now. It'll give your magic and sneakiness some much needed "oomph". Now you'd better get a move on and see Astrid. It's time. Time for the final stage of this grand and glorious operation.

Player: It's a bit you're fighting in hurkur there. Oh, it's a tough bear.

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