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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough Part 16 - Hail Sithis! [Commentary / HD]

Check out this Skyrim Dark Brotherhood walkthrough. Part 16: Hail Sithis!


Player: All the twist and turns.

Night mother: Astrid is dead. It is as it should be. May she find redemption in the Void. But while you live the Dark Brotherhood lives. We must fulfill our contract. Emperor Titus Mede II must be eliminated. Speak with Amaund Motierre at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. He will know the true Emperor's location. But first, inform Nazir of your plans for you are the listener and must bind this family together.

Player: Sure thing, but I' just going to close you up here. I might have guess. Hey, Nazir, guess what we're going to do.

Babette: I'll admit, I'm having trouble coming to terms with all of this...

Nazir: By Sithis, what a mess. I guess this is the end.

Player: Not quite.

Nazir: What? Well, what did he say? Amaund Motierre? But that would mean.

Player: Yap.

Nazir: You mean there's still a chance? But how? Our plan has gone to ruin, everyone is dead, the family.

Player: Not everyone is dead.

Nazir: All right, then go, go my listener! Find out what that slimy bastard Motierre has to sat, then send the Emperor to Sithis. But when you're done, there's no use returning here, is there? I was thinking, the Dawnstar Sanctuary. We could make a proper home there. Listen, when you're finished with this Emperor business met Babette and me there. I'll find someway to move the Night Mother. Don't worry, now go! And come back with a barrel full of gold.

Player: Well, let's hope so.

Nazir: Babette, my girl, pack your things we're moving.

Player: All right, we're here at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, and we're going to allocate our last perk here and go with backstab because hopefully we're going to do some backstabbing.

Hulda: Welcome!

Sam: If you're looking for a challenge, you've come to the right place.

Amaund: What is it? I said I didn't wish to be disturbed.

Player: You don't recognize me?

Amaund: By the Gods... you're alive! But I had heard your sanctuary. Please, you mustn't think I had anything to do with that. I wanted the Emperor dead, the true Emperor. I still do. It was Maro, he...

Player: He what?

Amaund: You mean after all that's transpired the Dark Brotherhood will still honor the contract? Why, this is astounding news! Wonderful news! The Emperor is still in Skyrim, but not for long. He's onboard his ship, the Katariah. Moored offshore in the Solitude Inlet. But you must hurry.

If you can get onboard that ship, kill Titus Mede II as contracted. I will reveal the location of the dead drop that holds your payment.

Player: I like payments.

Amaund: Yes, I can imagine you want to settle with that score. Last I heard he was at the Solitude Docks conducting the Emperor's departure.

Player: Thanks for the info.

Amaund: Please, make haste. The Emperor's ship won't stayed moored forever. We won't get the chance like this again.

Player: So we are not only going to get the Emperor, but also settle the score with Maro here.

Solitude Guard: You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?

Player: Cheese it!

Solitude Guard: Then suffer the Emperor's wrath.

Player: Let's find out how good they are in swimming. Not very, it looks like. Let's set our new bow as one of our quick switch options. And Maro is waiting right here on this dock. Let's get him before that guard go over there, figures out what's going on. That one's for Lizard bro. All right, we're out of here.

Okay, we made it. We're on the lam, we've bravely run away. We're now on the other side of Solitude staring at the Emperor's ship, the Katariah. And you maybe wondering how we're going to get on the ship. Well, we're going to make our way underwater, and grab a hold of the anchor and get in that way.

Sailor: But that's the last one. All right, enough of this. Is someone there?

Player: Got company.

Sailor: Anybody there? I guess I was just hearing things.

Player: This bow is pretty nice.

Sailor: Is someone there?

Player: The sailors go down pretty quickly. I hear someone working at forge or something over there. Looks like we're headed up, a level.

Penitus: Well, it's all over now. Lieutenant said you could see the smoke from Whiterun.

Player: Now they're talking about the sanctuary.

Penitus: Yeah, I'm glad we can finally stand down. I'm getting tired of looking over my shoulder all the time. Is someone there? Found you!

Player: Okay, you found me but you're also dead. Very dead. If you don't want to try and pick this there should be some guards somewhere on the ship that have keys. Bingo! Sweet dreams sucker. I'll take that. Oh, he collects flowers. Now I feel bad about killing him. He's a gentle soul, not like this other jerks.

Sailor: Is someone there?

Player: Someone else in there. Hey guys!

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