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Best Classroom Management Rules

Learn the best classroom management rules from education consultant Grace Dearborn in this Howcast video.


Best classroom management rules. The best kinds of rules for the classroom and for classroom management will be very specific and observable. You want rules like be seated when the second bell rings or don't talk while others are talking, things that are specific and observable, because when they're that specific and observable it's easy for the kids to understand when they're breaking the rule, and when they're not. When we have rules that are more vague or more big picture like be respectful, be prepared those are great principles. Those are great overarching concepts to shoot for, but what is be respectful look like? What is be prepared look like? You can certainly start with a bigger picture idea like that and then work your way down into the specific observable things you want to see from kids.

Generally, you want to see five or fewer rules, not that you only have five rules in your classroom, but when you're going over them with kids you're putting them up on the wall, you want to keep it to something manageable, something understandable, something observable and practicable. Don't talk while others are talking, don't use racial slurs or inappropriate language or put downs in the classroom, come with your materials everyday. These kinds of things kids can understand it's easy for us to see when they're breaking it, and to show them how they are breaking it much easier than if we're saying "You're being disrespectful, and you're breaking the rule of be respectful." Those are a few ideas to get you started with making rules with your class.

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