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How to Make a Classroom Management Plan

Learn how to make a classroom management plan from education consultant Grace Dearborn in this Howcast video.


There are different ways to make classroom management plans, but the common elements that are in most classroom management plans are what are the rules or behavioral expectations for the students, and what are the consequences for breaking those rules and expectations? So, you want to start there when you're building a plan.

From there, you can really go in a lot of different directions. But my number one tip for you related to that is when you're setting out what the consequences are for breaking a particular rule, make sure that you build in some flexibility for yourself inside that. So, move away from saying, "If you do this the first time, it's going to be this. And the second time, it's going to be this, and the third time, it's going to be this," and have more than one thing for, "If you break this rule the first time, it might be this, this, or this," depending on the situation, the student and your relationship with that student. "If you break it a second time, it might be this, this, or this." Again depending on what you chose for the first one and what will work with that particular student. The same individual consequences don't necessarily work with every student because every student is different.

Inside of that, students will argue that, "Wait, when I was talking out of turn, you said this and made this happen but when he was talking out of turn, you only did this." And they'll start to argue with you about how that's not fair. But it is fair, it's just not equal. And one of the things that I say to my students is, "We're not looking for equal, we're looking for what is right for each individual student." And that's my job to decide. I need to pick what is the best thing that can make you stay focused and on task. And the best thing for you might not be the best thing for Johnny or Sally.

And so, I'm going to continually be looking for the best individual thing for each person in each individual instance. And while that might not always be the same thing, it will always be fair, and it will always have your best interest at heart. So, that's a couple of ideas about how to deign an effective classroom management plan.

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