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What Is Conscious Classroom Management?

Learn what conscious classroom management is from education consultant Grace Dearborn in this Howcast video.


Conscious classroom management is a training and a book and a video series on classroom management. It's from our company, "Conscious Teaching, and it is how we teach teachers about creating safe, structured, and consistent classrooms. It includes both prevention ideas and intervention ideas as well as foundational concepts. So, basically it's the whole ball of wax for how to create the classrooms that you want and get the behaviors that you want from the students in the classroom.

Conscious Classroom Management, the book version, is our best selling book. And there is also workshops and online trainings; all of things you can find out about on our website at www.consciousteachingcom. Conscious Classroom Management includes a variety of things, things like foundational concepts like holding ground with kids, creating positive connections with kids, building your own sense of inner authority or inner confidence as a teacher. It also includes a series of prevention strategies: These would be practical take away things, mostly related to teaching procedures and being consistent in the classroom. But it will also include intervention strategies, because you might be doing everything right on the prevention side of things. You might be teaching your procedures, creating connections, holding ground effectively. You might feel confident and doing all those things right. You will reduce the misbehavior's in your classroom.

But there's always going to be those one or two students who just make strange choices. And in school that's when we move from prevention to intervention strategies. So, Conscious Classroom Management will how to use consequences effectively so that we can be helping our students learn good behavioral choices, or good behavioral lessons instead of using consequences to punish them. And then we'll also talk about inside of Conscious Classroom Management, how to break the cycle of misbehavior when even consequences don't work, then what do you do? So, Conscious Classroom Management is all of those things together, and can be had as a book, as an online training, or as a workshop live and in person.

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