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How to Prevent Students from Becoming Bored

Learn how to prevent students from becoming bored from education consultant Grace Dearborn in this Howcast video.


How to prevent students from being bored? There's really two reasons why students might present as bored. One is that the work is too challenging for them and they would rather be seen as not caring or being bored then being seen as struggling in the classroom. The other thing that might be going on is that the work is just inherently uninteresting to them. So they haven't found away to make in interesting for themselves or find a way into it that can make them want to grab on to it. If the work is too hard for the student, one thing that you can do is just recognize that that's what it means when students is bored. It's not disrespect, it's not defiance and if we can address it as what it really is we can cut underneath that, "I 'am bored". I hear you saying that you're bored; I'm here to help you and make it unboring. What help can I give you right now so that you can succeed on this assignment. Or you can succeed with this activity. Let the comment of bored slide off of you and go right to, "what can I do to help you with this and I'm right here for you."

If the student is presenting bored because the work is inherently uninteresting, which a lot of what we are teaching is inherently uninteresting to our students. Then it is on us to make the instructional design or the package with which the information is coming towards them, more interesting to them. We can't do that with everything but we can bring in activities that include our students working together on creative things. Coming up with songs representing what we're talking about. Asking questions about what we're talking about. Having them write the quiz on the information that we were just teaching them. Now, the information might not have been interesting or it might have been boring, what you were talking about but it might be interesting to them to try and figure out how to write a quiz related to that and then they have a leg up on passing that quiz because they're going to write the questions for the quiz. So there are things that we can do to help our students' feel less bored or having to hide behind the idea of boredom in the classroom.

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