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Most Effective Consequences for Misbehavior

Learn what are the most effective consequences to set for bad behavior from education consultant Grace Dearborn in this Howcast video.


What are the most effective consequences?
Well, I guess those that work are the most effective. There is no one consequence that is more or less effective than other consequences. There's no magic bullet. There's no one thing. It's a lot more complex than that. But what I can say about choosing consequences is try to choose a lot of different things that you might be able to pick from so that you can have maximum flexibility when you're trying to implement those consequences with your students.
You want to have a series, a tier of mild things like proximity or saying the students name or giving them the teacher look or touching they're desk lightly or giving them a quiet reminder. Lots of things on that first mild tier of consequences that you can use to redirect student off-task behaviors. Then you want to have a tier of moderate things: change of seat, call home, time out in the back of the room, more moderate things that lets the student know that things have escalated a little bit and that they are moving up a hierarchy. But still, I want to have some choice about what things I put on my hierarchy at each level and I want to have some flexibility in what I choose for each student, because every student is different.
If you're looking for things to put on your hierarchy and you're at a loss of what to choose, I encourage you to check out our book "Conscious Classroom Management," because in the chapter on consequences, we have four pages that just lists consequences. They're not in hierarchy form. They're just a long list of consequences. So if you're having trouble picking out new things or thinking about what else could be mild, what else could be moderate, that's a great resource for finding some new or different ideas. That's how you choose the most effective consequences.

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