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Alcohol Rehab FAQ

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol rehab in this Howcast video featuring addictions specialist Paul J. Rinaldi, Ph.D.


People are often curious about what kinds of treatment there is for alcohol problems. When people who are most interested in alcohol rehab, when people think of alcohol rehabilitation facilities, they are usually referring to inpatient rehab facilities. The standard alcoholism rehabs are what's called 28 day facilities and they are one month treatments. In those treatments, there's many many alcohol rehab treatments across treatment centers across the United States. Most them provide very similar treatments to each other and that usually consists of very intensive days. Usually people are housed in, sometimes it's private rooms, sometimes it's not. Some treatment centers allow people to have phones or computers. Many do not allow that because they really want people to focus solely on their treatment and what they're doing there so what alcohol inpatient rehab does is it immerses people in treatment for alcohol. They live and breathe the treatment 24 hours a day. Usually that treatment consists of a variety of group therapy sessions each day. Often, individual therapy session each day and often inpatient rehabs during the course of that month long stay, usually during the third week of treatment, they may have families come and have a few days of intensive work with the families, sometimes with the primary patient and sometimes without the patient. It's usually a combination of both. So those treatments are usually considered by many the gold standard of substance abuse treatment. As an addiction professional, I don't have that view. I think alcohol inpatient is extremely important for many people, particularly people who have a history of trying to stop and maybe successfully stopping but then resuming using. Often those people are people who really need that time away. They need that time. The other group of those people who can never stop. They really need that protected environment where they know they're going to get a month of clean time, where the stop and they can really focus on themselves during that month. The thing that people have to always be careful of is seeing the 30 day as the be all and end all. It's an extremely important step in treatment but it's just one step and then people need to be referred to outpatient aftercare treatment so they have an ongoing treatment where they're looking at their problem and touching it everyday. So when most people are asking about rehabilitation, they're asking about 28 day inpatient rehabilitation facilities and that is the generally the standard for inpatient treatment of alcohol issues.

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