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5 Questions to Ask If You Think You May Be an Alcoholic

Discover the five questions you should ask yourself if you think you may be an alcoholic in this Howcast video featuring Paul J. Rinaldi, Ph.D.


People will often ask us if there's just a few things that they need to look at to see if they have actually some problem with alcohol, and there actually are. You can really ask yourself a few basic questions to see if you're getting in some trouble with alcohol.

A question might be, that you might want to ask yourself, is, "Do I drink more than I set out to drink at a given time?" Or "Do I think I'm going to go out for a cocktail with friends for a couple of hours and end up drinking for a much longer span of time?" That's one question.

Another question might be, "Do I actually crave alcohol at times? Do I think about it a lot and crave it and feel like, Wow! In the middle of my day thinking about, 'I can't wait until work is over, so I can get to the cocktail lounge and into the bar and meet my buddies and have a drink." That's one question, so craving.

Another question is, "Do I have obligations that I've missed? Has alcohol contributed to me missing obligations, missing work because I was hung over, perhaps, or forgetting about an obligation, forgetting about a social obligation?" That's another one to ask yourself.

Another one is, "If I've had consequences of my alcohol use, perhaps friendship ending, problems in a relationship, perhaps a DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, do I continue drinking in spite of those consequences and even continue drinking in the same way that I used to drink in spite of those consequences?"

A final question you might want to ask yourself is if you have continued drinking in spite of putting yourself in physically hazardous situations. Physically hazardous situations can be driving while impaired or even getting into a car with someone else while they're impaired. Or some people will get themselves into risky sexual situations while they're impaired, doing things they wouldn't do if they weren't drinking.

So those are five questions that you could ask yourself to see if your alcohol use is problematic now or becoming problematic.

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