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About Expert Paul J. Rinaldi, Ph.D.

Learn about addictions specialist Paul J. Rinaldi, Ph.D. in this Howcast video.


Hello, my name's Dr. Paul Rinaldi. I'm a clinical psychologist and an addiction specialist. I am the Director of the Addiction Institute of New York, which is the division of substance abuse treatment at Saint Lukes and Roosevelt hospitals which are members of the Mount Sinai Health Network in New York City.

I've been in the addiction field since 1990. Since that time, I've seen a rapid progression of science and technology which has developed medications and behavioral treatments for addictive disorders. I remain passionate in this, in my work, because I've had the privilege over the years of working with many people who have gone from being homeless, having mental illness, having no family or other social supports into being productive members of society who have dignity, and full wonderful lives.

Again, I say that's a privilege, because people let me into their lives and allow me to work with them over the course of sometimes years. And work with them to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes they start out not even having goals, and we develop goals together, and we work towards achieving them. And that's a great honor, it's a great privilege, and it's something that I intend to continue to dedicate my career to.

If you'd like to learn more about me, and the services provided at the Addiction Institute of New York, please visit

I hope the viewers of this Howcast series on alcohol can feel empowered to help themselves or help their loved ones take action to get the help that they need and that they deserve.

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