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How to Stack Cakes with Bubble Tea Straws

Learn how to support a stacked cake using bubble tea straws in this free video, brought to you by your friends at Howcast. For full online cake decorating courses check out CakeMade:


Hi! I'm Amanda Oakleaf of Oakleaf Cakes. Thanks for clicking on this free video. I want to show you a good alternative to using traditional wooden dowels. I really like to use bubble tea straws. They're really quick and easy and it makes the cake nice and clean and it stacks together really nice. It's all going to be a part of a bigger video series that I'm teaching on how to make a sculpted hamburger cake. And we're going to show you how to creme coat, and stack and carve a sculpted hamburger with a couple patties as well as make a bunch of fondant vegetables: onions, lettuce, tomato. We've also carved the buns, put some seeds on top and then finished it off with a pickle wedge on the bottom in addition to some fondant potato chips. So I'm just marking out where they go, right on the lettuce. And once it's all marked, the straws are really nice compared to wooden dowels. If you were using wooden dowels, you had to put the dowel in, make a mark, pull the dowel out and then use a really sharp knife or small saw to cut it to length. With the straws, all you have to do is push all the way down. Make sure it goes to the base and then just snip it off right at the surface of the cake. I'm just going to do one right in the center, that way it's easier to line everything up so I'm going to start with the highest point and maybe even try to lower the height of these veggies just a little bit. You don't want to squish the cake too much but that will get everything else to be closer to the same height. So you just want to kind of work your way, from the first straw, go directly across, cut the next straw. From that straw, go straight across and so on. And the offset scissor really allows the action of the scissor, the pinching, not to catch the cake that's lifted up. So right now, I'm eyeballing the height. We can go back and check it later with a flat surface. I just want to get everything cut down to start with. So good way to check that all of the straws are cut nice and level is to use our fondant smoother. It's a nice flat surface. I just put them on from the middle straw to the outside straw and kind of get down and look at it. Make sure it's nice and level and you would notice if one straw was pushing up the fondant smoother too high. You can spin it, make sure everything's level with the center one. That one definitely feels a little bit too tall. See how it hits the side? So we can just trim that off just a little bit. You want to make sure if you're cutting just a little piece of the straw, that you know where it goes so it doesn't land in any food. Just throw that away. Keep going. And I actually noticed that the middle straw is taller than this one so then I need to cut the middle straw down. Everything should be at the same height. And then this one's a little bit tall. You can kind of see how the fondant smoother goes down in a little bit. I think that we're pretty good, though. Maybe that one's a little high. I just like to put a little bit of royal icing on each straw. And royal icing acts as a good glue to hold the cardboard to the fondant and hold the cake all together. And you don't want a ton of royal icing because you don't want to really see it in the finished cake, just enough to get the cardboard to stick. So now that we have all of the royal icing in place, we can go ahead and put on the final top bun. You just want to look for the front, pick your best side, keep track of the front of the cake. And this would be a good time to hide any of the imperfections of the bun. We can do that with the lettuce. If you had any cardboard showing, we can put that in the back. I saved the last piece of lettuce that I can use to hide anything that I feel is necessary. So just give it a spin to make sure everything's covered up. So you can see from the front, I have a little bit of the straw showing and I can definitely use some of my lettuce to just glue right in there and cover it with the straw so that doesn't show. And I'll probably cut it in half so I can use the other piece over here where I have a straw showing. So you can just - a little more glue and maybe it's folded up a little bit just to fill the space, okay? And there's one more on this side. All right, so as you can see, the straws are really effective at holding the weight of a really big sculpted cake so I encourage you to sign up for the hamburger cake course. You'll learn so much more and how to make this cake.

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