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How to Remember Passwords

Learn how to remember passwords in this Howcast video about memory techniques featuring memory expert Barry Reitman.


This is my password for my website, It looks pretty complex, but in reality, it's not. Here's how it evolved.

I'm going to start with my childhood dog, Sparky. I'm going to make him all lowercase for the moment. Now I'm going to turn it backwards, Y-K-R-A-P-S. That's very untechnical but imagine if you're using that for a basis for all of your website visits, you'll know it in no time, automatically. The next thing I'm going to do is take the third and fourth letter of the name of the website, capitalize them and put them in the third and fourth place of the name. The third and fourth letter of powerful, W, E capitalized now goes over here. The next thing I'm going to do is take the first vowel and assign it a number. You've probably done this all throughout your school days. A is the first vowel, E is 2, I is 3, O is 4 and U is 5. The first vowel in powerful is the O. That's the number 4 and that goes on the end of my new password. I'm going to append a 4 on the end of that password.

I now have a virtually indecipherable password with three of the four possibilities that the experts tell us about, capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers. If you want to feel more secure, put a dollar sign into your passwords wherever you like. That is pretty unbreakable.

Here's an interesting tip. If you think you may have a problem for the first few days or week or so of learning this system, create a sample. Create a password for an imaginary password called sample. You're going to take your dog's name or your old friend's name and turn it backwards lowercase. You're going to take the third and fourth character. The third and fourth character of sample is the m and the p. You're going to slug those into the third and fourth place of your password. You're going to take the number that represents the first vowel in sample. A, 1, the first vowel and you're going to append that to the end, and you know what? You can write that out and tape it right on to your monitor. No one will know what it means but you, and if anybody finds it, even if they know it's the idea of your password, they won't know how to do your others.

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