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How to Remember Where You Put Something

Learn how to remember where you put something in this Howcast video about memory techniques featuring memory expert Barry Reitman.


I'm Barry Wrightman, author of Secrets Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory. And I'm going to talk a little bit about how to remember where you put something, or what I usually refer to as, "where did you put the car keys?" Because everybody has that problem.

Here's my suggestion. You come into the house and you drop them down some place. Maybe on the counter, maybe on the table, maybe on a smaller table in the hallway. What I'm going to suggest is that whenever you put those things down that you lose, don't put them directly on the counter. In your mind's eye, drop your keys into a glass of milk on the counter. Watch the milk splash. If it's going to be on the small table in the hallway, in your mind, picture a glass of milk on that table and plunk, splash all over the table. The bed table next to your bed.

Wherever it happens to be, wherever you put something and you can't remember and you usually have a problem with it, try that. Don't put it on the table. Don't put it on your desk. Don't put it on the counter. Put it in your imagination, in a glass of milk. Plunk, splash. And when you're about to look for your car keys don't ask yourself, "where did I put my car keys, where did I put my car keys?" Just say, "where did my car keys splash that milk?" "Oh, yeah. On the small table in the hallway." You can't forget.

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