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How to Remember Why You Walked Into a Room

Learn how to remember why you walked into a room in this Howcast video about memory techniques featuring memory expert Barry Reitman.


My name's Barry Reitman, and I'm the author of Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory. I'd like to ask you the age old question, "What did I come in this room for?" Boy, we all do it, and as we get along in age, we do it some more.

I'm going to answer that question now in a way that you will never forget. You will never have that problem again. Let's have a scenario. You're in the family room, and you realize that, oh, your favorite TV show is going to come on but you need your glasses to watch it. Where's your glasses? Well, they're in the kitchen. You go into the kitchen. On the way into the kitchen, you trip over one of the kid's toys. You get into the kitchen and you see that somebody left the refrigerator door open a little bit. Then you say, "What did I come in this room for?"

So let's reverse it. We're going to make a little change. Whenever you're about to go into another room to get something, to do something, you're going to take that item and put it into, in the case of the kitchen, the microwave. Yeah, you can pick another appliance. I like the microwave. So I'm in the family room. I'm sitting in the chair. My favorite television show is about to come on. I need my glasses. I do not get up. First, I picture myself opening the microwave door and seeing my glasses melted. That's it. I get up. I walk toward the kitchen. I trip on the kid's toy. I get into the kitchen. I see that the refrigerator door is ajar. Doesn't matter. Because everything associated with the kitchen for this exercise is the microwave. All I have to do, if I don't naturally remember what I went in the room for, is not ask myself, "Why did I come in this room?" I don't have to ask myself anything. I just have to look at the microwave and I'll see that same picture of my eye glasses melted. Try that.

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