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How to Remember a Change in Your Morning Schedule

Learn how to remember a change in your morning schedule in this Howcast video about memory techniques featuring memory expert Barry Reitman.


My name's Barry Reitman. I'm the author of Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory. I'd like to talk to you about something that affects us a lot sometimes, and that's a schedule change in the morning.

I first came upon this problem listening to a conversation at my local poker game. On either side of me were my friends Lee and his wife Lisa. In the off time during the game, during the tournament Lisa said, "I hope I go to the Budd Lake office tomorrow." And then she expounded upon that. Her main office is in Morristown, New Jersey. But once every couple of weeks, she has to go to the satellite office in the other direction from their home at Budd Lake, New Jersey.

I said, "Lisa, where's your car parked at night, in the garage or out in the front of the house?" And she kind of looked at me like I was crazy. But Lee, who had heard something about my system said, "Listen to Barry. Let's see where he takes this." And she said, "Well, I park in front of the house, right outside the front door." I said, "Okay. Do you have a brass door knob on the front door?" Now she knew I was crazy and since Lee seemed to be agreeing with me, she knew that we were both nuts. But she had some patience and we went on. I said, "Tomorrow morning, when you reach for that brass door knob to go to your car, you're not going to be able to open the door. That brass door knob won't be brass anymore. You know what it's going to be? It's going to be a flower bud. A soft, squishy flower bud, and when you try to turn it you're going to feel it get all moist and wet and mushy, and you're going to remember it's a bud. Budd Lake is where you have to go. You won't have to drive to Morristown and then drive all the way back. That will remind you."

That's how I handle schedule changes particularly in the morning when we're rushing around. Just see a picture of something you have to reach for. The front door knob, and change it into a picture that represents where you must go in this schedule change.

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