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Why Can't I Remember What I Study?

Learn the reasons you cannot remember what you study in this Howcast video featuring memory expert Barry Reitman.


My name's Barry Reitman. I'm the author of Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory. And I'd like to discuss the question, "Why can't I remember what I study?" I will suggest to you that you can't remember what you study because no one's ever taught you the right way to remember things. There is a right way and a wrong way. And one hint is just repeating something over and over, or reading the same thing over and over, it is not the right way.

As you go through the rest of the videos in this series, think about how it might apply to the things that you want to study. But just sitting down with a book, and forcing you to read over and over and over is not really studying at all. It's not productive time.

So why can't you study? Simply because no one's ever shown you how before. Go through the techniques in this video series, and you will see an instant increase in the productivity from your study time. Bottom line - less time devoted to study, higher grades in school.

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