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About Memory Expert Barry Reitman

Learn about Barry Reitman, one of Howcast's memory experts, in this video.


My name's Barry Reitman. I'm the author of Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory, which is a book and a 4-CD set. They work well together. You can listen in the car during those wasted hours that you spend commuting to work, or going to school, or wherever it is. And when you get home, you might want to look a little bit more closely. So open up the book. The chapter numbers are the same. And most of the materials is the same. It can work together.

I've always had an interest in doing parlor tricks, memory tricks, card tricks. So I was aware of things like how to remember a long list. I wasn't always very good at it. And then an event happened. April 2008, I was in my office. My best customer called. I do equipment financing. And he said, "Barry, I spoke to my partner, and we want to go ahead with the contract that you and I negotiated yesterday. Right to the penny, the dollars and cents. Everything is fine. Please prepare a contract."

And I said, "Josh, I'm in a rush. I'm raising out of the office now," which I was, "and my desk is a mess," it always is. "Do me a favor. Send an email to my secretary, Roseanne, with exactly those terms and conditions, and dollars and payments and everything else. And I'll tell her to watch for that email and prepare a contract while I'm gone."

What I didn't tell Josh is that I not only didn't remember the terms and conditions, and dollars amounts that we had negotiated. It was much worse than that. I didn't remember and could not reconstruct having been on the phone with him the day before. That was my wake up call.

I had to take those few cute little tricks that I knew, and make it into my life using these things, and learning how easy it is to picture things to remember them. That's what I do. So now, I lecture, I write, I do stage presentations. I teach people how to remember. And I got to tell you, the toughest part of my job is showing them that it's really easy. Don't hold back. It's really easy.

My book, there are other good books. My websites,, or My book, my CDs, and others. Go to Amazon. Take a look at what's available. Read the reviews. Read the reviews about mine. Read the others. But whatever you do, get started. Because what I guarantee you, what I promise you - this stuff is easy.

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