How to Clean Vinyl Car Interior

You might never recapture that new car smell, but you can replicate a new car shine.

You will need

  • Two clean sponges
  • A bottle of vinyl cleaner
  • A bottle of vinyl protectant
  • A cotton cloth
  • A vacuum

Step 1 Dust off vinyl areas With a damp sponge, dust off all of the vinyl areas in your car, typically the dashboard, glove compartment and sides of the doors, and, if you have an old car, possibly the seats.

Step 2 Spray cleaner on spots Remove any stains or spots by spraying a vinyl cleaner on the dirty areas.

Step 3 Wipe away with sponge Wipe away the sprayed spots with a sponge.

Step 4 Pour vinyl protectant on cloth Pour a small amount of vinyl protectant onto a clean cotton cloth. Do not apply the vinyl protectant directly on the surface since this could lead to an uneven or blotchy finish.

Step 5 Allow protectant to sit Allow the protectant to sit on the vinyl sections for at least 10 minutes.

Step 6 Wipe away excess residue Wipe away the excess residue using another clean cotton cloth.

Step 7 Continue apply protectant Continue applying coats of protectant until you reach shine capacity. Then bask in the glow!