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How to Draw a Boy Using the Word "Boy"

This is a fun trick to show the little artist in your life.


  • Step 1: Write the word boy Write the word 'boy' using only lowercase letters. Leave a bit of space between each letter.
  • Step 2: Draw the eyes Put dots inside both the 'b' and the 'o.'
  • Step 3: Make a jawline Connect the tail of the letter 'y' to the bottom left-hand corner of the letter 'b.'
  • Step 4: Connect the head Connect the top of the letter 'b' to the top right of the letter 'y' in an arc.
  • Step 5: Draw the hairline Connect the top left of the 'y' to the top of the 'b' to form the hairline.
  • TIP: Give your boy a fun hairstyle. Make zigzags, spirals, spikes, curls—maybe a mohawk!
  • Step 6: Draw the face Fill in the features like eyebrows, nose, mouth, and ears. This is your chance to get creative. You can make him happy, sad, angry, or surprised—the choice is up to you.
  • Step 7: Color Color your boy. Then hang him on the fridge or show him off to your friends.
  • FACT: Child prodigy Marla Olmstead of Binghamton, NY, who began painting before she turned two, sold $300,000 worth of her abstract art before age four.

You Will Need

  • Paper
  • A pencil or pen
  • Crayons or colored pencils

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