How to Choose a Pair of Panties

There’s a lot more to picking a pair of panties than thinking they look cute in the store.

You will need

  • A butt to cover
  • A selection of styles

Step 1 Think about comfort Decide how important comfort is to you. Briefs, boy shorts, and ladies boxers are the least constricting styles.

Step 2 Consider fabric Take the fabric into consideration. Polyester provides the most support, wicks moisture, and dries quickly, making it great for workouts. Spandex or Lycra provides the most seamless look. Silk and satin are pretty, but must be hand-washed. Cotton is more hygienic because it’s breathable.

Step 3 Size up your body Consider what works best with your body type. To trim your hips and thighs, try boy shorts made with Lycra. To eliminate muffin top, go with a high-waisted Lycra brief or panties that dip in the front.

Step 4 Whittle away inches Invest in a few good body shapers to wear with unforgiving clothes. Some can squeeze as much as an inch and a half off your waist and hips!

Step 5 Match waist height Wear panties with a waistline at or just under the height of your skirt or pants — unless you want people to see the outline of your bikini panties under your high-waist trousers.

Step 6 Ensure a smooth fit If you’re wearing tight jeans, slip on a hipster or string bikini. Both have less material on the sides.