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How to Decorate Your Locker

You don’t get to be yourself in most areas of school, so make the most of your locker.


  • Step 1: Choose a color scheme Choose a color scheme for your paper background. Some people use multiple colors while others use just one. Consider making a border in a contrasting shade.
  • TIP: Some students choose a theme for their locker, like sports or movies.
  • Step 2: Measure your locker Measure your locker before cutting any paper to make sure the pieces will fit in the spaces you want to use them.
  • Step 3: Use magnets Use fun magnets or clear tape to attach the paper, so it will be easy to remove.
  • TIP: If magnets won’t stick to your locker, use special removable wallpaper or contact paper, available at craft stores.
  • Step 4: Attach pictures Attach pictures and magazine clippings to the background paper. It can be anyone—friends, family, musicians, movie stars, models, or a mix.
  • TIP: Leave some space open—you’ll never know who you’ll want to add on.
  • Step 5: Hang a spot for notes Using magnets or clear tape, hang a dry-erase board, a corkboard, or a calendar so you can write notes and reminders throughout the year.
  • TIP: If using a dry-erase board or corkboard, be sure to hang a holder for tacks or a marker and eraser.
  • Step 6: Use stickers Intersperse colorful and expressive stickers.
  • TIP: Have a small 'seasonal' area that you can change for holidays, special occasions, or just whenever you feel like it.
  • Step 7: Add designs and quotes Use colored markers to make your own designs or write quotes on your background paper.
  • TIP: Attach a small hook to the ceiling of your locker and hang an air freshener.
  • Step 8: Hang a mirror Hang a mirror. With only a minute or two between classes, your locker can serve as your post-lunch teeth inspection and post-gym hair check.
  • FACT: Some schools have started using clear lockers so teachers and administrators can make sure students aren’t hiding contraband.

You Will Need

  • Colored paper
  • A tape measure or ruler
  • Magnets or clear tape
  • Pictures or magazine clippings
  • A dry-erase board
  • corkboard
  • or calendar
  • Stickers
  • Markers
  • A mirror
  • Removable wallpaper or contact paper
  • A small hook
  • An air freshener

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