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How to Kiss with Confidence

Learn how to kiss someone in a way that guarantees they’ll come back for more.


  • Step 1: Freshen your breath If you have bad breath, It doesn’t matter how confident you are, or how great a kisser. Brush your teeth beforehand if you can, or at the very least pop a breath mint.
  • TIP: Parsley is such a powerful breath freshener that it even neutralizes garlic breath, so if it appears on your plate during a date, eat it!
  • Step 2: Touch Find reasons to touch the person during the date—tap their forearm, brush a hair out of their eyes, take their hand. If they’re receptive to your touch, you’ll feel more confident about attempting a kiss later.
  • Step 3: Pick a private spot Pick a private spot. Kissing someone can be anxiety-provoking enough without having an audience.
  • Step 4: Touch their face As you lean in for a kiss, touch the person’s chin or cheek. This makes your intentions clear, and gives them one more out. If they begin to close their eyes, they’re waving you in.
  • Step 5: Kiss Begin kissing your partner, paying attention to the clues they are sending. Progressively heavy breathing, parting lips, and tongue action mean that they are really into the kiss—so continue with confidence!
  • FACT: The average person spends two weeks of his or her life kissing.

You Will Need

  • Breath freshener
  • Someone to kiss

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