How to Get Rid Of a One Night Stand

How to avoid that awkward, annoying, traditional scenario due to a one night stand. Play your cards right, and him/her could be out the door in no time, 100% painless.

You will need

  • 1 Cunning
  • 1 Poker face
  • 1 Cell phone (optional) (optional)

Step 1 Get out of bed The minute you wake up, get out of bed—especially if she’s still in it.

Step 2 Get dressed Get fully dressed, even if you usually breakfast in your boxers. You don’t want to give her any ideas about spending a lazy day in your bed.

Step 3 Don't offer her anything Don’t offer her so much as a cup of coffee. If she asks, tell her you don’t have any.

Step 4 Say you have an appointment If she’s still snoozing, wake her up and apologize profusely for the ‘appointment’ that necessitates that you both leave immediately.

Step 5 Ask for phone number Ask for her phone number and make vague references about getting together soon so she’ll want to be cooperative.

Step 6 Make sure she has everything As she’s heading for the door, do a quick check to make sure she’s taken everything—you don’t want her to have any excuse to come back!