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How to Burn the Most Calories

Not all exercise is created equal: the best activities for calorie-burning are aerobic and sustained.


  • : Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.
  • Step 1: Go running Go on a run. Keep up an 8.5 mile per hour pace and you’ll burn over 800 calories per hour.
  • TIP: All of our calories-burned measurements are for a 155-pound person over one hour. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more; if you weigh less, you’ll burn fewer.
  • Step 2: Cycle Ride a bike, stationary or road. It’s relaxing and burns 1,126 calories if you keep up a 20 miles per hour pace.
  • Step 3: Swim Dive in and swim a few laps. It’s a little less precise, but keep up a moderate pace and you’ll drop around 700 calories.
  • Step 4: Box or spar Boxing is a great way to relieve stress and practice self-defense. It’ll also melt 800 calories.
  • Step 5: Play racquetball or a similar sport If you’re the white-collar type, a game of racquetball will give you the chance to burn 700 calories and make Sampson from Accounting look like a fool.
  • Step 6: Row Row a boat, or a stationary machine if you don’t have one: 600 calories and you get to sit the whole time.
  • Step 7: Jump rope Jump rope. Sure, it can get a little boring, but 844 calories an hour is no joke, and besides running, it’s the cheapest activity possible.
  • Step 8: Have sex Lastly, sexual intercourse burns up to 300 calories per hour. That’s right: jumping rope is nearly three times better than sex.
  • FACT: A calorie is defined as the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius.

You Will Need

  • Athletic clothes
  • A gym

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