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How to Graduate with Style

Graduating with style does not just mean not making an ass out of yourself. Put your best foot forward as you head into your future.


  • Step 1: Stand and sit up straight Stand and sit up straight. Your parents are no doubt taping the entire event, so refrain from doing the slouch and shuffle—unless you want your sulky, pre-evolutionary amble to be captured for posterity.
  • TIP: Don’t get wasted the night before. You’ll feel awful and your pictures will look like crap.
  • Step 2: Wear something nice Wear something under your robe that’s tasteful and not too hot—something that won’t embarrass you or others when your robe inevitably comes off.
  • Step 3: Look your best Look your best. Get a haircut, if you need one, and, girls, consider a mani-pedi. You want to look sophisticated and confident as you enter the world.
  • TIP: Slap on some sunscreen. A sunburned face is not stylish.
  • Step 4: Don’t be disrespectful If you’re planning on being hilarious by disrupting the valedictorian’s speech with 'woos' and 'booyahs'… don’t.
  • Step 5: Smile When collecting your diploma, make eye contact with the person handing it to you. Give a good handshake—and remember to smile!
  • Step 6: Thank those who got you there Thank the people responsible for you making it to graduation day. You know who they are.
  • TIP: If there is a faculty member who went above and beyond for you, or whose class you particularly enjoyed, take the time to say so.
  • Step 7: Send thank you cards Send handwritten thank-you notes to everyone who remembered your graduation. Email doesn’t cut it when it comes to expressing gratitude.
  • FACT: About 70% of U.S. high school students graduate on time.

You Will Need

  • Good posture
  • A nice outfit
  • Maturity
  • A big smile
  • A haircut
  • A mani-pedi

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