How to Make a Snowman

There's no wrong way to make a snowman, but there are a few tips to prevent him from looking like a snow monster.

You will need

  • Snow
  • Warm winter clothes
  • Sticks and branches
  • A carrot
  • Buttons or charcoal
  • A little imagination

Step 1 Let snow settle Wait for the snow to settle. It should be packing snow, not fresh powder.

Step 2 Form snow into ball Using gloved hands, gather snow and form it into a ball. Continue adding snow to the ball until it is too large to hold.

Step 3 Roll snowball Slowly roll the snowball away from you, letting snow accumulate on the outside of the ball. Continue packing the new snow onto the ball with your hands.

Step 4 Position base When the ball reaches the size that you want for the base, move the ball to wherever you want your snowman to stand.

Step 5 Make smaller ball Make another ball of snow and build it up like you did the first. This ball should end up slightly smaller than the first one.

Step 6 Place 2nd ball on 1st Place the second ball on top of the first.

Step 7 Create 3rd ball Create a third ball and place it on top of the first two. Now you have your basic snowman.

Step 8 Give snowman arms Give your snowman arms with sticks or branches.

Step 9 Make a face Make a face using a carrot for a nose and buttons or charcoal for the eyes and mouth.

Step 10 Customize Customize with whatever you choose to give your snowman personality.