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How to Break a Prom Date

So you want to wiggle out of your prom commitment. The key is to make your date think it was their idea.


  • Step 1: Act obsessed with the prom Begin to act obsessed with the prom. Talk about it 24/7, as if you very life depended on how perfect a night it is.
  • Step 2: Drive up the cost Let your date know that this perfect night doesn’t come cheap. Quote the highest estimates you can find on prom musts like the limo.
  • Step 3: Ratchet up the terror Ratchet up the terror by hinting about something you’re hoping to receive on prom night that your date does not want to give you, like sex or an engagement ring.
  • Step 4: Act like you’re getting married Act like attending this prom together is tantamount to getting married by making the person do stuff like picking your special song and spending an unreasonable amount of time with your family.
  • Step 5: Make unreasonable demands Make absurd, time-consuming, and costly prom preparation plans, like taking dancing lessons.
  • Step 6: Claim Prom Madness Sadness Act like you’re becoming emotionally unglued, then blame it on PMS—Prom Madness Sadness.
  • TIP: Pretending to have Prom Madness Sadness is particularly effective if you’re a guy.
  • Step 7: Act shocked when your date dumps you Act shocked— shocked! —when your date pulls out of the prom.
  • FACT: More teens feel pressure to go to their prom than to have sex, drink alcohol, or take drugs.

You Will Need

  • Acting skills

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