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How to Ask Someone to the Prom

Time to ask someone to the prom. Don’t freak out. Just follow these simple steps.


  • Step 1: Narrow down your list of potential dates Narrow down your list of potential prom dates by flipping through your most recent yearbook. Have both A-list choices and B-list choices. While you may have your heart set on a cheerleader, you might be more suited for the Computer Club president.
  • TIP: Be realistic, but don’t underestimate yourself. If there’s someone you really feel a connection with—go for it!
  • Step 2: Question their friends Pick a few top candidates and question their friends. Do they already have a date? What’s their type? This will further narrow your list.
  • Step 3: Try to catch their eye Start with the first person on your list. Seek them out at a time when they’re not rushed or distracted. Try to catch their eye. If after a few attempts you can see they’re avoiding you like the plague, let it go.
  • Step 4: Get used to the fear Don’t worry if your stomach feels like you have a tumor the size of a bowling ball. This is just fear. Everyone has it. You can still accomplish your goals even if you’re afraid.
  • TIP: Think of each attempt to ask someone out as practice. You’ll learn something about them and yourself every time.
  • Step 5: Ask them to the prom Ask your next choice if they’re going to the prom. If they say something like 'not sure,' mumble something that might be mistaken for an invitation to prom. Gage the reaction. If positive, go in for the kill. If negative, just laugh it off as a misunderstanding.
  • Step 6: Spit it out Now you’re down to number three. This is a golden moment. As soon as you see your potential date walking in your direction, just spit it out. She may say 'no,' she may say 'yes.'
  • Step 7: Keep trying You’re down to the final person on your list. You know they don’t have a date. They don’t avoid your eyes. They smile at you in the hallway. Go for it.
  • Step 8: Realize that proms are whack If the person says yes, you’re home free. Go have a ball! If they say no, remember that kids who are unpopular in high school usually run the world!
  • FACT: Prom is short for 'promenade.'

You Will Need

  • A list of possible dates
  • Determination

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