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How to Tie the Handcuff Knot

This double loop knot can't be cinched too tightly, so the police don't really use it—but firefighters do to pull people out of narrow spaces by their wrists.


  • Step 1: Make "Q" shape Cross the end of the rope over the top of the remaining rope, making a "Q" shape.
  • Step 2: Make second loop Take the end of the rope, or the tail of the "Q," and cross it over again, making a second loop to the right of the first loop.
  • Step 3: Stack edges Stack the left edge of the first loop to sit on top of the right edge of the second loop.
  • Step 4: Pull edges through loops Simultaneously pull the right edge of the first loop through the second loop while pulling the left edge of the second loop through the first loop.
  • TIP: The size of the loops can be adjusted by gently pulling them larger or smaller.
  • Step 5: Tighten To tighten pull on both loops.
  • FACT: Also known as a Hobble Knot, cowboys would tie this around the legs of their horses or cattle to keep them from wandering too far during the night.

You Will Need

  • A single length of rope

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