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How to Find Day Work on a Road Trip

Whether you blew through your budget halfway through your trip, or just want to pick up a little extra spending money, there are good ways to find a day's pay on the road.


  • : Be careful about accepting work that isolates you from others.
  • Step 1: Check out free listings Check out the employment gazettes that can be found among the free newspaper stands in big cities. They often advertise short-term positions.
  • Step 2: Visit a temp agency Sign up with a temp agency that specializes in day work.
  • Step 3: Find seasonal work Look for seasonal work, either on farms during harvest time or with merchants who might be overwhelmed during holidays.
  • Step 4: Investigate big events Check with the Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Information Center to see if there are any upcoming events, like a county fair or a music festival, that might require extra help.
  • Step 5: Swing by swap meets Stop by swap meets and flea markets and offer your services helping vendors set up and break down.
  • Step 6: Head to a resort area Check out the nearest resort area. Hotels and restaurants in those areas often need help because of the transitory nature of their employees.
  • TIP: If you’re in an area that’s popular with boaters, arrive at the docks early in the day and see if you can pick up some cash helping to wash down a boat.
  • Step 7: Spread the word Strike up conversations wherever you go and mention that you’re looking for day labor. You never know who may need a hand—or knows someone who does.
  • FACT: Route 66, popular with U.S. road trippers before the Interstate highway system was built, crosses eight states and three time zones.

You Will Need

  • Employment gazettes
  • A temp agency
  • The Chamber of Commerce or a Tourist Information Center
  • Initiative

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