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How to Pick out Lingerie for Your Lady

When choosing lingerie, remember it’s for her, not you. Follow these tips to find sexy underthings she’ll actually like—and wear.


  • Step 1: Talk to her There’s nothing wrong with asking her what kind of lingerie she prefers. The more input she has in your selection, the more likely it is that she’ll put it on. Also, this way you'll be sure of her size.
  • TIP: If you want to keep it a surprise, here’s a size cheat sheet. Think of her breasts in terms of fruit: A lemon is an A cup, an orange is a B, grapefruit is a C, and a melon is a D. In panties, an extra-small corresponds to a dress size of 2 to 4; a small is a size 6; medium is a size 8; large is a size 10; and extra-large is a size 12 or above.
  • Step 2: Look at color, style, and fabric Take your research findings to the store, and look for the colors, styles, and fabrics she gravitates toward.
  • TIP: Black is the color of lingerie women most like to receive from a romantic partner, according to surveys.
  • Step 3: Ask for help from saleswomen Enlist the aid of a saleswoman. She can show you what styles are popular and explain some lingerie basics.
  • TIP: Key terms in the lingerie universe include: brief, hipster, boy short, thong, plunge, balconette, demi, push-up, underwire, and soft-cup.
  • Step 4: Don’t be cheap Buy the best lingerie you can afford; research shows that lingerie is the number-one item that women don’t like to scrimp on.
  • Step 5: Buy matching sets Buy her a matching set, or sets, rather than random pieces.
  • Step 6: Consider alternatives There’s a lot more to lingerie than bras and panties. Consider a teddy, a silky chemise, a camisole, or a 'bralet,' which is a cross between a bra and a camisole. Or a soft, sexy tank top that she’ll look forward to wearing to bed.
  • Step 7: Don’t forget presentation Have the gift wrapped exquisitely, even if you have to pay a store clerk to do it.
  • Step 8: Be encouraging Tell her how sexy she'll look in her new lingerie. Flattery will get you everywhere!
  • FACT: Americans spend $10 billion per year on intimate apparel.

You Will Need

  • A selfless attitude
  • Knowledge of her lingerie sizes and tastes
  • A generous spirit

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