How to Take a Fashion Portrait

A fashion portrait should convey emotion and follow a story line. Delightfully, besides these two rules, it doesn't have to make sense.

You will need

  • A camera
  • An 80mm lens
  • A model
  • Fashion accoutrements
  • And a storyline or concept
  • Props (optional) (optional) (optional)
  • Makeup (optional) (optional) (optional)
  • Clothing (optional) (optional) (optional)
  • An assistant (optional) (optional) (optional)

Step 1 Select your model Select a model that is willing to pose for you.

Step 2 Brief your model Brief your model on the concept and storyline — the more the model understands your idea, the better.

Step 3 Style your model Style and prop your model making sure their hair, makeup, clothing and accessories are exactly what you want; every detail helps illustrate your vision.

Step 4 Set up lighting While the model is prepping, set up any artificial lights that you may be using.

Step 5 Eliminate shadows Try eliminating any unwanted shadows on the model unless it is part of your stylistic expression and concept.

Step 6 Grab your camera Grab your camera with a minimum of an 80mm lens attached.

Step 7 Choose your film and settings Select your film, aperture and shutter speed that is appropriate for your shooting conditions.

Step 8 Compose the shot Compose your shot and meter on your subject.

Step 9 Focus on your subject Focus on the desired object or on a captivating part of the subject like the eyes or lips.

Step 10 Reiterate the scenario Reiterate the scenario and start snapping as your model lets the storyline and concept unfold.

Step 11 Shoot away Shoot as much as you can.

Step 12 Thank your model Thank your model, and go check out the results.