How to Clean Window Blinds

Wash your window blinds with a minimum of mess.

You will need

  • A dust cloth or a vacuum with a brush-head attachment
  • Towels or a drop cloth
  • A sponge or cleaning brush
  • All-purpose cleaner or ammonia
  • Fabric-softener sheets

Step 1 Get the dust off Begin by removing loose dirt and dust with either a soft cloth or a vacuum with a brush-head attachment. Clean with the slats tilted upward first, then downward.

Step 2 Remove from the window If your blinds are plastic, vinyl, or aluminum — not wood — remove them from the window for washing.

Step 3 Take it outside If you have a yard, take the blinds outside. If you don’t, put them in the bathtub.

Step 4 Wash them Wash each slat with a sponge or brush. Don’t forget to wash the cords!

Step 5 Rinse thoroughly Rinse the blinds thoroughly, then hang them on a clothesline or shower rod.

Step 6 Wipe them down When they’re completely dry, wipe the blinds with a fabric-softener sheet. It will help prevent dust from clinging to them, so they’ll stay cleaner longer.