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How to Spring Clean Your Closet

Time to clean out your closets to make room for the new spring and summer fashions.


  • Step 1: Empty your closets One by one, take every single item out of your closet and put it in one of three piles: Yes, No, and Maybe.
  • TIP: Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in two years. Put everything you haven’t worn this past season in a suitcase whose contents you’ll revisit in six months.
  • Step 2: Review the Yes pile Before putting the Yeses away, make sure they are clean, and do any necessary mending.
  • Step 3: Mull over the Maybes Take a close look at your Maybes. If you are hesitating to discard something because it was expensive, set it aside to take to a consignment shop. If an old favorite has become too dated to wear, consider if it could be modernized with minor alterations.
  • Step 4: Sort through your accessories Sort through your handbags, shoes, scarves, hats, gloves, and costume jewelry, too. The two-year rule applies here as well.
  • Step 5: Purge, purge, purge Invite your friends over to pick through your No pile. Donate whatever is left to charity, or see if a local theater group can use your castoffs as costumes.
  • Step 6: Update your undies Sort out your underwear drawer. Ladies, throw out panties that have seen better days and bras that are no longer supportive. Guys, get rid of underwear that’s starting to look shabby.
  • Step 7: Inspect your socks Inspect your winter socks for holes and thin spots, and check your hosiery for snags and pilling. Keep the worn-out socks for dusting.
  • Step 8: Invest in good hangers Give your cheap wire hangers to the local dry cleaner and invest in slim, fabric-covered ones; they prevent thin straps from slipping off and won’t leave pointy marks at the shoulders. Plus, having a uniform set of hangers may save you some space.
  • FACT: Eighty percent of women say they don’t wear at least one-quarter of the clothes in their closet, according to a survey.

You Will Need

  • Discipline
  • A suitcase
  • New
  • slim hangers

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